Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

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HIA practitioners and researchers have provided information for this web site. If you would like to submit an HIA, a toolkit, a case study or any other appropriate example, please send a summary to hia[at]

Here is a selection of HIA-related research and examples, grouped under resource/evaluation type and subject area. Inclusion does not necessarily mean endorsement by WHO.


13th International Conference on HIA (HIA2013)
2-4 October, 2013 - Geneva, Switzerland

Health indicators for Sustainable Development Goals

Choosing the right indicators of healthy development is important to measuring progress that is meaningful to human wellbeing.
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Health in the Green Economy

WHO's Health in the Green Economy series propose important health co-benefits for sector and health policy-makers, and for consideration in the next round of IPCC mitigation reviews.
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Health impact assessment of mining projects

Online course, in English and French

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