Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

A guide to conducting a prospective HIA of a Home Zone

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United Kingdom - 2002

This guide is not an alternative to other HIA resources. It was written for practitioners who want to use stakeholder workshops to identify the possible health impacts of Home Zones. The guide may also be useful to community groups who want to consider how a Home Zone development in their neighbourhood may have an impact on their health.
The guide is divided into several sections:
Section 1 (Background notes) introduces health and HIA, and is intended for practitioners who are new to the areas of HIA or Home Zones.
Section 2 (the eight steps in a Home Zone HIA) describes a step-by-step approach to create a prospective HIA. Material for stakeholder workshops is included in this section. Each step is presented with Purpose of the step, targets to be achieved and tasks to be done.
A checklist and useful tips are also included, as well as a storyboard that outlines what was done in the context of the Morice Town HIA near Plymouth.

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Kevin Elliston, Moira Maconachie

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Health and Community Research Programme
Department of Sociology, University of Plymouth
Plymouth PL4 8AA, Devon
United Kingdom