Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

WHO activities in HIA


WHO Headquarters is expanding its programme of work to encourage development of HIA across the world. This option is underpinned by several of the strategic directions identified in the corporate strategy and adopted by the WHO Executive Board, among which:

  • To address the underlying social and economic determinants of health through policies and programmes that enhance health equity and integrate pro-poor, gender-responsive, and human rights-based approaches.
  • To promote a healthier environment, intensify primary prevention and influence public policies in all sectors so as to address the root causes of environmental threats to health.

Areas of work at WHO include:


  • HIA theme issue of the WHO bulletin
  • WHO HIA Gateway web site
  • Historical documents

HIA development

  • Contribute to the negotiations on the new strategic environmental assessment protocol
  • Collaborating in pilot projects
  • Evidence on health impacts

HIA within topic areas

HIA in the context of water resources development

  • Water and sanitation work plan 2000-2001
  • The World Commission on Dams Report
  • HIA training course

Support for the HIA approach

  • Memorandum of understanding with IAIA
  • HIA in the context of sustainable development