Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

WHO activities in HIA

Support for the HIA approach

Memorandum of understanding between the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) and WHO.

WHO and IAIA have a memorandum of understanding to define common objectives and provide a framework for mutual collaboration in support of progress towards sustainable development and health. The memorandum states that "all policies, programmes and projects receive an adequate impact assessment that includes human health" and that "‘the value of HIA within EIA is brought to the attention of all stakeholders".

HIA in the context of sustainable development.

A consultative meeting was held by the Department of Health and Development, WHO, to maximise the opportunities for health impacts to be considered in the context of various impact assessment processes. Health in the context of SEA and EIA was considered, as well as sustainability impact appraisal and social impact assessment. The purpose of the meeting was to contribute to clarifying and strengthening the role of HIA in development policy and planning. A discussion document outlining the discussions and presentations given on the day is available.