Access to HINARI

What equipment do I need in order to use HINARI?

In order to get started, you will need a computer connected to the Internet with a high-speed connection (56k baud rate or higher).

Can I access HINARI from a MACINTOSH PC?

If you have Internet access at 56K baud rate or higher, you should be able to access HINARI from any computer.

Can HINARI help me obtain computer equipment and online access?

Unfortunately, HINARI cannot help you obtain computer equipment or online access. However, many HINARI users have been able to obtain additional resources from their institutions and/or other local charitable organizations because of this unique opportunity.

Can I access journals in languages other than English?

The option Find journals by language of publication, The option "Find journals by language of publication" will give you links to all journals which publish articles in languages other than English. In addition, to "Databases and Article Searching "(in the drop-down menu of Databases / Indexes), you will be able to search for articles in journals published throughout the developing world. Many of these are in languages other than English. While not all of the journals indexed in these databases are available online in full-text, most offer abstracts.

How can I access a particular journal(s)?

If you know the name of the journal you wish to access, go to "Find journals by title" , "Find journals by title" page and click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the journal name. This will bring you to a list of all journals offered through HINARI beginning with that letter. nce you locate the title you are searching for, click again, and you will go directly to the journal's homepage.

Can I search by the journal title, author or specific subjects?

Detailed searching for articles by title, author or subject can be done through the link, "Search HINARI journal articles through PubMed(Medline)" . PubMed is a service of the National Library of Medicine (USA), which contains over 18 million citations for biomedical articles.

Can I download complete journal issues or books?

No. You may not download complete journal issues or books. However, you may download and save limited numbers of articles or chapters from any one journal issue or book, not to exceed 15% of its contents.

Are back issues available online?

The majority of the journals do offer access to back issues. However, the journal site content, including the policy on back issues, is determined by each publisher and will vary accordingly.

Can all members of a qualified institution access HINARI?

All members--researchers, teaching and administrative staff, students--of a registered institution, and its visitors, are eligible to access HINARI, as long as they abide by the guidelines within the licence agreement.

Can I access HINARI outside of my institution?

Access to the journals may only be provided from computers or other digital installations owned by or under the direct control of the institution or from personal computers owned personally by the employees, faculty or students of the institution. However, if a member of your institution encounters a special problem or has a unique need, please let us know immediately so we can work with you to ensure appropriate access is given.

Does HINARI maintain statistics on system use?

HINARI maintains statistics on system use. The individual publisher partners maintain statistics on the use of their publications.

Can we supply students with HINARI publications for courses?

Academic and teaching staff may make copies in print or digital form of articles for course packs. If the copies are supplied in digital form, these electronic copies must be deleted from the university server at the end of the semester.