Research4Life change in authentication

Q1: After having logged in with an Hinari account, why are there 2, 3 or 4 programmes listed on the landing page?

A: The change to the authentication system now allows you to access any of the Research4Life programmes for which your institution has registered without needing to sign out and reconnect using a different UserID.

Q2: I logged in with my AGORA account, but can click on and use Hinari. Will this create any errors?

A: No, the authentication system is designed to allow this now. You only need one account from any Research4Life programme to access any of the programmes for which your institution has registered.

Q3: On the login page, when I select my preferred language, why does programme link on the landing page on ever take me to the English version of the portal?

A: The language choice on the login page is a preference for your web browser and only affects the authentication messages and errors. When you reach the Content Portal of the chosen Research4Life programme, you will still need to select the language of the portal you will need to use.

Q4: When I click on the login link for a Research4Life programme, I’m not asked to enter a UserID and password. Instead I am taken directly to the landing page showing my programme options. Is this a problem?

A: The authentication system doesn’t ask you for a UserID and password if your institution has an autologin function set up to fill in those details for you. In addition, the new authentication system may be recognizing your institution’s IP addresses if those are on file with our partners at IPRegistry.

Q5: My institution’s firewall is blocking access. What are the new domain names that need to be allowed for the new authentication system?

A: Please ask your institution’s IT group to add permission for the following domains:

Q6: I’m clicking on a link and nothing happens, has the new authentication system broken something?

A: It is most likely that your browser is set to prevent popup windows. Since the new authentication uses a new URL, any exceptions you’ve granted in the past for the Research4Life programmes no longer apply . You will need to approve a new exception to allow popups from the new authentication system URL. You should need to do this only once for each browser you use.

Q7: Why do I get an HTTP 400 error when I try to connect to content from some publishers?

A: Some publishers’ web browser cookies from our old authentication cause problems when connecting to the same publisher from the new authentication. The solution is to clean your cookies in your browser.