Training & Promotion

Does HINARI offer training materials?

Yes, please go to the Training Web page to access the training materials.

I received the password but can not log-in, what do I do?

You may be experiencing various technical problems. Please ensure that you are typing the correct password, if necessary, by copying and pasting it. If you still can not log in, prepare a message to the HINARI Team and they will communicate with the Publisher and solve the problem. Make sure to include your UserID, the name of the journal(s) and other relevant details. Send the message to

Do you have Searching Tips for using HINARI?

Yes, please click on our new TIPS section.

Does HINARI offer workshops in my country or region?

HINARI runs workshops in various regions and countries throughout the year. Some HINARI members also sponsor workshops and other trainings. Follow the link to ITOCA for training sessions in Africa.

Where do I send news and stories about HINARI in my institution?

Please send stories to hinari at . If you read about HINARI in your local newspaper, or organize a workshop and take pictures of HINARI users, please send us the information to . We will post them on our website or the HINARI Trainers Photo Album.

Do you have an information sheet or any promotional material?

Yes, you can download or read online :

  • HINARI infosheet
  • HINARI leaflet
  • HINARI poster
  • HINARI bookmark
  • HINARI video
  • AGORA video
  • OARE video

Please visit the below page :