Feedback from users


Peru, December 2002

"El acceso a este servicio sera de mucha utilidad para nuestros estudiantes, docentes e investigadores."

Madagascar , December 2002

"Lettre de remerciement. À Tous les responsables du site HINARI. Cher (e)s Mrs et Mmes, Nous vous adressons nos sincères remerciements de nous avoir envoyé le nom d’utilisateur et mot de passe qui permet au personnel de notre établissement d'accéder à une des plus grandes collections de littérature biomédicale du monde entier ,et donnant a notre établissement la possibilité d’améliorer son documentation. Nous espérons une bonne continuation à ce projet que nous jugeons utile pour les pays en développement qui ont l’impossibilité de publier faute de documentation. Veuillez trouver ici l’expression de notre haute considération et de notre profond respect."

Armenia, December 2002

"Thank you very much for providing this generous program. This service will enable our students and faculty in their research... I wish to express our gratitude to HINARI team for the extended support. The MPH Program aggressively pursued options for full-text as well as for abstracts. The resources from the HINARI will greatly enhance the academic program and reduce stress on our students and faculty, while improving the thoroughness and depth of their literature reviews. There wouldn't be any better gift to our community than the access to HINARI."

Cambodia, December 2002

"Thanks a lot for allowing us to use your collection. This is a great initiative that is very much welcome at our Institute."

Tajikistan, December 2002

"Thank you for an opportunity to use biomedical juormals online."

Colombia, December 2002

"Ojalá nos puedan ayudar... la guerra nos está haciendo estragos en la economía y en la formación de nuestros profesionales. Creo que podemos revertir el daño, pero será indispensable una copiosa ayuda externa!."

Ukraine, December 2002

"On behalf of all our medical professional and student community let me thank you for this wonderful opportunity to use medical and health information through HINARI! This is invaluable opportunity for our users. Thank you very much for understanding, cooperation and support."

Peru, December 2002

"I congratulate them for this activity that supports the professionals of the health of the countries with less resources."

Nepal, December 2002

"This would be a wonderful resource for our residents and physicians"

Nepal, December 2002

"Hinari is wonderful as it provides full text articles out of journals."

Ukraine, November 2002

"Access to medical information offered by HINARI is critical to us as we do not have a developed system of access to current medical information needed by our students and medical professionals and lack funding to pay for it."

Ghana, November 2002

"We usually receive journal as donations. We are aiming to hook most people in our institution to the net so we can make full use of Hinari."

Senegal, November 2002

"Be sure that we are going to celebrate it (the receipt of the HINARI Username and password) because you have taken us, by this act, from poverty to wealth in the fields of information. We have noticed the recomendations and will respect them carefully. Long life to HINARI and Hinari team."

Peru, November 2002

"Es necesario contar con este tipo de esfuerzo para mejorar la difusión de información científica en ciencias de la salud."

Cuba, November 2002

"Tenemos gran interés en los contenidos de las revistas que uds ofertan a nuestros usuarios sabemos que esto elevará sustancialmente la información disponible para los profesionales del Sistema Nacional de Salud de Cuba."

Mozambique, November 2002

"No medical library exist in the Provincial Directorate of Health; the nearest one is at 500 km far."

Yemen, November 2002

"All teaching staff in the division of pharmaceutical Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences thank very much HINARI team."

Mozambique, November 2002

"This is absolut fantastic much better than expectations and all we are entusiastic with this oportunity you gave us."

Tunisia, November 2002

"L'opportinité qu'offre HINARI est très importante pour nous permettant de surmonter les difficultés d'acquisition des revues et accéder à l'information scientifique dans les conditions qui permettent à nos étudiants et chercheurs d'être au fait des nouveautés et de contribuer eux même à la publication de leurs travaux."

Yemen, November 2002

"We do need Hinari for continuing our research activities because we face difficulties in getting new reference and literature regarding our research subjects. Sofar our library is not connected with net, therefore, we devoted our efforts during last weeks to make our library connected. but we face some difficulties. in case, we could not connect our library we try to give you the e-mail of computor centre or the library of the university."

Nigeria, November 2002

"This is just to let you know that I successfully hooked up to several sites and read the current issues of some leading journals. The instructions for setting up the proxy server were not difficult to follow, although I did not initially realise the username was case sensitive. I would want to once again send our gratitude for this unbelievable feat. It is so heart warming to know that there are people out there devoting time and money to help those of us out here. I can hardly wait to share this with the rest of my colleagues. Thank you all."

Tanzania, November 2002

"The Pharmacy Board is in need of the access to full-text journal as we are involved with dissemination of updated and evidence-based information to healthcare providers in the country."

Colombia, November 2002

"We are glad to know about the HINARI program. We are also interested to promote a better education and preparedness to our health professionals in the topics of our competence."

Uganda, November 2002

"Thank you very much for enrolling our Institution, The National Drug Authority of Uganda,with the Hinari. I am really very excited about this enrolment because I hope it will enable our organization access vital health related research literature useful in our daily work of regulatory service and control of medicines and other pharmaceuticals in this country, Uganda. Our information base is going to be boosted."

Nepal, November 2002

"Very good website for doctors"

Burkina Faso, October 2002

"Notre bibliothèque qui vient d'avoir sa conncetion internet attend beaucoup du projet HINARI pour enfin pouvoir informer correctement ses lecteurs qui sont impatients depuis l'annonce de ce grand projet. Merci parce que nous pouvons compter sur votre collaboration et enfin, toute notre reconnaissance aux éditeurs pour leurs sacrifices à l'égard des plus démunis."

Papua New Guinea, October 2002

"Our students are doing a Diploma in general nursing and need more resource material for their studies, including the lecturer. We also have a long distance program for Bachelor of Nursing degree based on our school and a post-basic midwife training is planned for the near future. We have a library with a lot of empty shelves, because books and journals are very expensive. We would be glad, if you could help us to more access to medical literature."

Eritrea, October 2002

"As there is no well established library that doctors in Eritrea can have access to jouranals, we will rely solely on your supply of scientific articles to have a literature review for our research."

Romania, October 2002

"Great and long awaited initiative! Congratulations! It will certainly help update the level of information of health professionals and have impact on quality of research, training and services."

Peru, October 2002

"Es apropiado que se ponga a disponibilidad información científica y tecnológica para conocer apropiadamente el estado de la técnica."

Peru, October 2002

"Esta oportunidad es muy buena para mejorar la oportunidad de tener información sobre temas de salud sobre todo para persnal de salud e investigadores de Latino América."

Peru, October 2002

"Felicitaciones por el apoyo a la Ciencia y Tecnologia."

Colombia, October 2002

"Your support will have a great impact. Many thanks to WHO!"

El Salvador, October 2002

"Thank for this helpfully oportunity. In El Salvador, is very difficult have acces to this resources."

Bhutan, September 2002

"This project will be very useful in my institute's activities."

Honduras, September 2002

"In the National Medical Library we are pleased with this valuable initiative of HINARI, mainly our educational, investigating users and students...We have promoted this resorces among other institutions of the country so that the benefit is greater. Thank you very much."

Nigeria, September 2002

"Those of us in relatively underdeveloped areas will benefit immensely from this."

Mauritania, September 2002

"Cette initiative est l'une des plus grandes actions concrètes de partage de l'information scientifique. Elle mérite une attention particulière pour l'évaluation de l'impact pour les pays utilisateurs. Il faut aider au renforcement des équipements pour une meilleure utilisation: 2 scanner, 2 ordinateurs, 2 imprimantes et une photocopieuse. Appuyer aux frais de connection de ligne spécialisée Internet."

Laos, September 2002

"We are very thankful to the WHO for this project. HINARI help us a lot in organizing of a medical training for the health personnel in the hospital. We also have a training course in English and for computer users. We hope that in the future our students will be able to use HINARI directly. For the moment it is not possible. HINARI is used by teacher in order to reach updated information on medical subjects. This information is used for the lectures and development of clinical guidelines."

Nicaragua, August 2002

"Muchas Gracias por mantenernos actualizados en los avances de las ciencias de la salud!!!"

Myanmar, August 2002

"I hope HINARI would be much beneficial to health personals in our country."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, August 2002

"Nous sommes plus que ravis, tous les membres de la Faculté de Pharmacie et moi-même, de recevoir votre réponse. C'est pour nous un grand apport d'acceder à la banque de données de HINARI en étant ici à Kinshasa."

Kenya, August 2002

"On-behalf of ICIPE we are indeed grateful for all this. HINARI is a very very useful resource to our scientists. Keep it up HINARI team."

Ukraine, August 2002

"For the first time I would like to tender great thanks to all people who take part in HINARI project. More than 3 month our Academy (Bucovinian State Medical Academy, Chernivtsy) has access to leading medical journal of the World. Due to HINARI we find many important and interesting information which greatly help us in scientific and medical work."

Côte d'Ivoire, July 2002

"Nos remerciements également à l'OMS et à l'équipe d'HINARI pour toutes les initiatives d'accès libre à l'information."

Honduras, July 2002

"HINARI representa una gran iniciativa de información para el área biomédica y así lo expresan nuestros usuarios pues les permiten actualización y rápidez de respuesta a través de revistas científicas."

Nigeria, July 2002

"It will be a great help to medical proffessionals here because access to research information is made a lot easier."

Zimbabwe, July 2002

"The database is suitable for our nursing students."

Lesotho, July 2002

"All staff and students, particularly of the Faculty of Health Sciences are extremely happy about these large collections of journals which we would not have had access to if it was not because of HINARI. I am sure this will make a huge difference on the research and teaching of the University. I would like to thank the WHO in general and the HINARI team in particular for the job well done on the behalf of our users."

Kenya, July 2002

"Valuable databases for Kenyatta University scholarly community."

Honduras, June 2002

"Estamos muy agradecidos , por este acceso a revistas ya que nos permite obtener informacion actualizada que de otra manera seria imposible alcanzar."

Moldova, June 2002

"The access of the medical journals offered by HINARI is a very advantageous offer for the users of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University. We hope in the future we’ll use HINARI more efficiently."

Zimbabwe, June 2002

"The projects looks great. We will soon be establishing a Faculty of Health Sciences at Africa University and we will find this very useful."

Cuba, June 2002

"Excelente iniciativa para disminuir la brecha, en cuanto a disponibilidad de información, entre países pobres y países risos."

Romania, June 2002

"It's great to have access to medical bibliography."

Sudan, June 2002

"This is going to be an excellent program. I hope more medical journals full text will be accessible. Its benefits are undoubtly beyond estimate. It is a magnificent program."

Viet Nam, June 2002

"The information we have got is very useful for our work. We am very grateful to your help."

Gambia, June 2002

"It has been a very popular initiative here. Intellectual isolation is considered one of the factors African research centres cannot develop world class researchers this can go some way to changing that."

Lesotho, June 2002

"Currently we are not subscribing to any biomedical journals but very soon we were going to subscribe to a few biomedical journals. The reason being, my university is opening a new faculty of health sciences coming academic year. HINARI has given our students and staff of the new faculty a wonderful opportunity in this regard. We are so thankful to HINARI."

Viet Nam, June 2002

"Thank you for your help so much. Now I can get access to many websites for full text, although this is not complete. The information that I get from these website is very useful for my hospital and my work. Once again, on behalf of my hospital I express my gratitude for your help."

Cuba, June 2002

"Espero que nuestra institución pueda incorporarse a esa magnífica iniciativa de la OMS."

Ethiopia, June 2002

"The college has started using the biomedical research journals on your site. As the demand for research information grows in our college, we were lagging behind current research outputs in biomedicine. The initiative taken by the WHO has significantly relieved our shortage of research journals. The Medical Library is the central place which provides access to the HINARI website as the internet connection is possible through the Library and the Computer Center. The Library is moving on the establishment of an Electronic Virtual Library which mainly houses journal articles downloaded from your site. I thank all the HINARI TEAM at Geneva on behalf of my library users for letting us to access your online biomedical collections. Your initiative has motivated the faculty and they are encouraged to involve in research activities. We value your inputs for the betterment of medical research and education in Ethiopia. I hope we still have your support on utilising these resources. keep our fingers crossed for the success."

Senegal, June 2002

"Initiative importante pour l'accès à l'information notamment dans les pays du Sud."

Tanzania, June 2002

"We hope the Internetwork will minimize the burden literature search as it has been difficult to have reliable sources of information before."

Yemen, June 2002

"Being a part of HINARI was an achievement for us receiving free access to 1500 biomedical journals online. It will be a great favor bestowed on us and looking forward for a better future."

Papua New Guinea, June 2002

"Divine Word University has found the journals that we receive very helpful to our students and lecturers. We will be opening a Department of Physiotherapy in January of 2003 and have signed an amalgamation agreement with the Madang College of Allied Health Sciences and the subscription will be most helpful to these two departments."

Sierra Leone, June 2002

"I am certain that the health sector in Sierra Leone can benefit from HINARI."

Tanzania, June 2002

"Journals are the heart of any instution, especially for medical college like ours."

Ghana, June 2002

"This will be extremely helpful."

Mauritania, June 2002

"Notre école est en train de créer une bibliothèque; Ce réseau nous sera d\'une grande utilité."

Zimbabwe, June 2002

"This shows to be a wonderful project that can go a long way in reducing the information divide between the first and third world countries. Our students will surely benefit from this project."

Haiti, June 2002

"C'est une opportunité inestimable pour les professionnels du tiers-monde engagés dans la recherche clinique et la formation. Le manque d'accès à la littérature médicale est un handicap certain pour relever la qualité des soins dans le tiers-monde."

Nepal, June 2002

"An excellent offer for the third world academicians and research scientist!"

Colombia, June 2002

"Wonderful service."

Viet Nam, June 2002

"This is a great initiative for medical professionals in developing countries!"

Cameroon, May 2002

"Today we cannot find the words to express our satisfaction by receiving free access to 1500 biomedical journals online. The reason is simple. More than 10 years ago, we do not receive budget to acquire journals. And a few minutes ago we become too rich by becoming part of HINARI. What a Wonderful surprise for the whole Institution. Thank you, best wishes and long Life to HINARI."

Armenia, May 2002

"Receiving on line medical information will assist us in uptodate patient care greatly."

Nepal, May 2002

"Nepal Institute of Health Sciences desperately needs the resource and reference materials useful for high quality teaching in health sciences. Your support for this institute means a great contribution towards producing high quality health professionals in developing countries."

Nigeria, May 2002

"Our Library services are below average as we dont have the resources to subscribe to current Journals. This has markedly affected our research activities."

El Salvador, May 2002

"Me parece una acción que va ayudar a impulsar la investigación científica de los países que como el nuestro no disponen de fondos mínimos para apoyar el desarrollo de la ciencia y la tecnología como herramientas de generación de conocimiento aplicables a la resolución de los problemas inherentes al desarrollo sustentable."

Sudan, May 2002

"In this country this sort of service will definitely improve the quality health service and research."

Sudan, May 2002

"On behalf of the director of the central veterinary laboratory in Sudan, seventy researchers distributed in fourteen departments in the lab. benefiting from hinari service, we would like to express our thanks, gratitude and gratefulness to WHO and Hinari team for providing a service that we were deprived of more than eight years ago."

Peru, may 2002

"We believe that the only possibility to get actual information is using Internet. Thank you very much for the opportunity we have now."

Bolivia, May 2002

"Con esta iniciativa de Ustedes vamos a intentar presionar para que se logre, al fin, contar con una biblioteca aceptable ... Tengo la intención de que nuestra biblioteca sea utilizada por todo el Complejo Hospitalario Viedma."

Peru, May 2002

"Congratulations for the great project."

Ghana, May 2002

"It is going to be a great opportunity for researchers in developing countries to get access to literature."

Kenya, May 2002

"A good way to exchange scientific notes."

Senegal, May 2002

"Wonderful idea. Need more oncology top ranking journals."

Macedonia, May 2002

"I wish that your initiative for subscribing to biomedical journals at a very low price would be soon realized. It would mean a lot to us, as so far, we haven't been subscribed to any journals (Believe it or not!) for 2002."

Tanzania, May 2002

"This is fantastic and good news to all of us. I appreciate very much your effort."

Nigeria, May 2002

"This looks too good to be true!!"

Costa Rica, May 2002

"Nuestras instituciones de educación e investigación urgen de este tipo de iniciativas."

Burkina Faso, May 2002

"HINARI will help to solve an important problem African scientists have met for a long time. We hope it succeed and be perpetuated."

Nigeria, May 2002

"Thanks so very much for the password and username you have granted the University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria. We assure you that the information will be passed round campus. It's surely a great relief on access to up to date medical journals for us."

Benin, May 2002

"Je suis ravie de savoir que nous pouvons actuellement accéder a tous ces périodiques sur le site de hinari. Je vous adresse mes sincères remerciements. Soyez persuade que nous ferons un très bon usage de ce précieux outil de travail."

Solomon Islands, May 2002

"On behalf of our hospital, I wish to thank WHO and all people involved with the HINARI project for the initiative and all the good work done so far. Solomon Islands is one of the least developed and today also one of the poorest countries in the world. After two years of civil war with total destruction of our economy, health services can only survive with help from outside. The government has just reduced our health budget by 36%, in addition to this severe blow we suffer ongoing devaluation of our currency. The government has unpaid drug bills overseas amounting 5 million SBD. Since June 2000 first ICRC and the AusAID are providing the funds to buy drugs. This a brief description of our situation. For financial reasons all our subscriptions to medical journals were cancelled some years ago. I believe you (and your colleagues at WHO) will now understand how valuable and important HINARI will be to the few medical professionals (1 doctor per 12'000 people) still working in the country."

Ghana, April 2002

"We hope to make the best use of this unparalleled opportunity."

Ghana, April 2002

"We are very excited about the Project, which we hope would be of immense benefit to our users, especially those from the School of Medical Sciences and the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Kumasi."

Georgia, April 2002

"Let me express my deepest appreciation with you decision I am sure that this will have an invaluable impact to Georgian Medical Society."

Nepal, April 2002

"I would like to extend my sincere acknowledgment to WHO for giving opportunity to the Medical Education Department, TU Institute of Medicine, and other institutions in Nepal to be partners in the HINARI Project. This is indeed a great initiation for health professional workers in a developing country like Nepal to have the opportunity for direct online access to fifteen hundred bio- medical journals !This will definitely contribute to build the national capacity in the field of health professions education and health care. I personally congratulate the Director General for the excellent and bold leadership she has demonstrated to bridge the digital divide between institutions and countries. I do believe it will have long-term positive consequences in the development of quality health care and education for my own country."

Sierra Leone, March 2002

"Due to the war and financial constraints we have been receiving no actual budget (for publications) HINARI IS GODSENT AND WILL HELP US NO END."

Ukraine, March 2002

"I hope the project will be a success and we'll have opportunity to access journals that are very useful for our readers."

Senegal, February 2002

"This collection of biomedical literature offered by the six most important publishers in the world are very useful for our Information and Documentation Center to which it enables to better achieve its objectives. All our thanks for being selected in this important project."

Senegal, February 2002

"Au nom de Monsieur le Recteur de l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar et au nom de la Communauté des enseignants et des chercheurs, plus particulièrement de ceux des spécialités biomedicales, je voudrais féliciter l'OMS et les éditeurs qui participent au projet pour leur heureuse initiative et les remercier pour leur disponibilité et leur générosité. Il ne fait aucun doute que le projet HINARI contribuera de manière décisive à briser l'isolement scientifique dans lequel se trouvent les enseignants et le chercheurs des pays en développement et les aidera en accédant de manière régulière aux meilleures sources d'informations biomedicales afin de faire progresser la science et la technologie dans leurs pays respectifs."

Kenya, January 2002

"Thank you so much for the details on accessing biomedical literature. I must admit that this the best information I have ever received regarding access to biomedical literature. As a medical Librarian I have shared the frustration our readers under go when trying access a full article especially when they need to make a presentation or need to clarify a certain medical issue! We hope this will be the Millenium gift for the developing countries from the publishers. Thanks to all those who initiated this invaluable and phenomenal project, to benefit especially Africa."

Honduras, January 2002

"In the Honduras Library of Medicine we are happy and very excited for this excellent opportunity of HINARI. We start using and for our staff and health users its wonderfull."

Nepal, January 2002

"Thank you so much for kindly letting us benefit from your wonderful initiative which is so crucial to improve the access to biomedical literature among the health care workers, academicians and researchers in poor countries like ours. As regards to our own medical school we are confident that it will greatly enhance our ability to keep abreast of the advancement taking place in biomedical and public health sciences."