Feedback from users


Nepal, December 2015

"Access to HINARI has been a great asset in pursuing various research in our institution."

Malawi, December 2015

"We would like to thank you for reconnecting us to Hinari. This will go a long way in helping both members of staff and students in accessing information as regards to research and knowledge in general. Knowledge is power and transforms societies."

Ethiopia, November 2015

"It is a great contribution for our institution having an access of this huge collection of scientific and technical journals, books, and other resources through HINARI."

Cameroon, October 2015

"I am already reflecting on how to conduct a few activities related to merchandizing our helpful resources and I am grateful to know that we can rely on your constant support to help empower faculty members , reseachers and students of our community through your various portals as well."

Uganda, September 2015

"We are currently carrying out trainings and holding workshops with various stake holders as one way of marketing and encouraging usability of electronic resources generally. We believe our numbers will improve in all areas. Posters are up, sending encouraging emails to staffs especially academic and research is ongoing. I am very positive we are on the right track."

Nepal, September 2015

"We are making best use of this service and encouraging our faculties to make the best out of it. I see a good number of our faculty growing interest. Thanks again for your service."

Papua New Guinea, September 2015

"The resources in HINARI have increased over the years. Now when I go in, I find there is no time to see all the new e-resources that have been added. It is just a fantastic resource for everyone, especially those in health/medicine/nursing fields."

Kiribati, August 2015

"We acknowledge your contribution to the research especially in providing current information through technology to our students and staff here in Kiribati."

Mali, August 2015

"Thank you for your strong support of research in Africa."

Kenya, July 2015

"I have received the news with delight. HINARI access is invaluable to many researchers and i'm deeply honoured to have been served in such an expedited manner."

Kenya, July 2015

"Thank you very much for accepting our institution to be part of.we hope our students will be able to learn alot and help them in their research."

Nigeria, July 2015

"I join all others to say Congratulations and a big thank you to the Hinari Team for the achievement and award. Keep the flag flying for the digital inclusion effort of the Hinari Team."

Namibia, July 2015

"I would also like to assure everybody that Namibia appreciates R4L products. At UNAM, we are also now into our 2nd year of the Veterinary Science degree (BVM) and Animal Health diploma programmes. While Medicine (MBChB) and Pharmacy programmes are now at 6th year and 4th year respectively. The relevance of R4L products will therefore continue to increase at UNAM and Namibia. Thank you for all the support."

Timor Leste, May 2015

"It is such a fantastic portal I wish I knew about it 12 months ago,, but do now, so am content."

Uganda, April 2015

"We would like to appreciate you for your continued facilitation for our access to the rich information resources from across the world. Our work and service to people infected and affected by HIV and AIDSS have  certainly been enhanced by this robust facility."

Uzbekistan, March 2015

"Our center use services of the site of HINARI during 3 years. Generally our employees use the modern articles published in various world magazines in the directions concerning the emergency medicine. The received information certainly helps us with treatment sick and scientific researches. We express the sincere gratitude to all employees of the site of HINARI and very much we hope for further cooperation."

Uganda, March 2015

"This is a great opportunity to both staff and students as they will be able to access current information so as to build a strong foundation."

Uganda, March 2015

"We at PCO school in Butabika are really grateful for the opportunity given to us. The opportunity to access free books that contain all important information that is needed for our research. Thank you so much."

Viet Nam, March 2015

"We see this as a source of information is necessary to serve the training and scientific research. ...Hope we can continue to receive support from the Research4Life .... Especially the new research in the field of medicine in recent years. We would like to express sincere thanks to you for us."

Zimbabwe, February 2015

"The Hinari programme offers numerous e-books and journals in a wide range of subjects the majority of which are very relevant to our core business of conservation of wildlife and natural resources."

Kenya, February 2015

"On behalf of our hospital, I want to express our gratefulness for this priceless support. We will do our best to utilize this resource to improve our service to our patients. Thank you for this resource, and lots of thanks to all the publishers who have contributed so generously to the Hinari programme."

Ethiopia, January 2015

"Thank you very much!! WHO has been of great service to professionals in Ethiopia by providing us with the opportunity to access invaluable resources to get articles and books for updating our knowledge and more. Long live WHO HINARI!!"

Fiji, January 2015

"This will definitely help our students and staff in their research. If this is not available through HINARI, [we] will never have it as we would not be able to purchase it. Thank you very much for your efforts."

Vietnam, January 2015

"This has been a very helpful support to our poison control center, our patients, learners and public. ... As you may know, a main mission of a poison control center is to provide treatment, toxicology consultation, teaching, research based on poison/drug information. The poison centers always have to rely on some source of information. ...The access to the toxicology database like Toxinz is essential to the work of our poison center so we really need the support and help from you."