Feedback from users


Nepal, July 2013

“It is a great opportunity for the people of third world country to do research activities and search articles through HINARI. I would like to thank in this regard to WHO to provide such an opportunity.”

Malawi, July 2013

“I am quite proud to be able to communicate with you - a team of your calibre who really help people who are in trouble, May God bless HINARI.”

Nepal, July 2013

“We are working our level best to serve the underprivileged Nepalese with neurosurgical and neurological problems, and yet are trying to keep pace with the vast advances taking place in our field around the world; so this help from your side is extremely appreciated.”

Nepal, July 2013

“Thank you for the extensive help i got from your services while doing thesis work during my post-graduate training… I was also able to publish a case report ... , and have another case report awaiting publication.”

Kenya, July 2013

“Thanks for the wonderful access to a wide range of international journals. It is great! And definitely helping my practise.”

Nepal, July 2013

“In a resource-poor country like Nepal, I have to depend time and again on Hinari to access the recent medical literature on pubmed. I have been and always will be grateful to Hinari for helping me reach out the recent advances of modern medicine.”

Bangladesh, June 2013

“We are profoundly benefited from your reputed journals.”

Haiti, April 2013

“For now we don't have anymore questions, we will start to enjoy all the HINARI scientific materials. Again thank you for this initiative.”

Bangladesh, March 2013

“This is all my pleasure and thanks for giveing this huge access on behalf of our institution and we will going to utilise for our College research and academic purposes. Again many many thanks for HINARI team.”

Nigeria, March 2013

“May I inform you that we have really enjoyed using your databases including HINARI, AGORA, and AORE. We are indeed very grateful.”

Nigeria, March 2013

“Thank you for the wonderful support.”

Zambia, February 2013

“This will indeed help our sturdents and staff have access to up to date and vital information.”

Sudan, February 2013

“Let me congratulate you for the great efforts to maintain this valuable resource and your continuous support.”

Nigeria, February 2013

“I am most grateful for you assistance and understanding. I also promise to keep enlightening our users on how to use the database effectively through periodic users' education.”

Nepal, February 2013

“We have regularly used your data base entitled “ hinari data base” in our hospital Library from July, 2003 to onward. We would like to appreciate and thank you to hinari team and medical publishers' for kind contribution. That data base has been widely used by our health professionals, teachers, medical students, researchers, cancer patients and their guardians to update their knowledge and apply them in practice. We believe yours' such great work will not be end in the future also. Your help and co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated.”

Cambodia, January 2013

“we hope we can use HINARY to have rich resources in searching the up to date research to cure diseases, learn and to serve.”

Malawi, January 2013

“Your help will go a long long way in providing optimum, ethical and evidence based care to our patients.”

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