Feedback from users


Afghanistan, November 2012

“Because we are are trying to establish modern specialty wards in our Clinic, Our staff need updated information, thank you.”

Uganda, October 2012

“We will be very grateful if granted the opportunity to access the resources. We hope we can do research which we can publish with HINARI. We promise to utilise the resources effectively to help the community at large and the nation.”

Cameroon, October 2012

“Ce programme fut découvert lors d une formation pendant un programme de Master en santé (this programme [R4L] was discovered at a workshop during an MPH programme).”

Haiti, October 2012

“Account needed to help pursue quality improvement activities and continuous training of interns received every year.”

Haiti, October 2012

“L'acces a HINARI nous aidera a pour renforcer nos activites academiques avec les residents en service social, nos activites de recherche sur le VIH ainsi que nos d'activites d'amelioration de la qualite des soins et services.”

Sri Lanka, September 2012

“Thank you for the valuable information. Thousands here can benefit from your generosity.”

Mongolia, September 2012

“We are opening the medical library, which our institution did not have. The Hinari will be our essential part of the medical library. We hope that our registration be reviewed positively. Thank you.”

Afghanistan, June 2012

“I would like to thank WHO for their valuable work. Our faculty members are happy for the having access to this great source of information.”

Nigeria, April 2012

“We engage in Law Research and Advice for the Government.We also undrtake prosecutions and Advice on trans-border crimes.We are involved in Child Rights enactments and advocacy. This Registration will enable us to be abreast with current and helpful developments in our field et al.”

Nigeria, April 2012

“We love to access the library to give student form developing an edge and also privileged to know more.”

Namibia, April 2012

“We need access to these databases to enable our library user to get access to enivironmental geology and engineering, mining health and safety and other safety or health issue related articles.”

Cameroon, February 2012

"I heard about HINARI during a meeting of the Cameroon Paediatric Association."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, February 2012

“Evaluatrice du projet TB Reach, financé par l'OMS, nous a proposé de nous inscrire afin d'avoir la documentation nécessaire par rapport à nos activités, notamment en ce qui concerne l'implémentation des PCR Genxpert MTB/Rif.”

Nigeria, February 2012

“I believe Hinari will improve research in my institution.”

Myanmar, January 2012

“Thanks for helping us to keep in touch with the science world.”

Zimbabwe, January 2012

“i learnt about HINARI from HIFA2015 and i hope this will assist our district to stay in touch with current evnts in the health sector as we currently do not have a library or funds to set one up.”

Rwanda, January 2012

“Your initiative it's very important for resources limited country like my country.”

Nigeria, January 2012

“Words lack the courage to truly express my gratitude for the immense good that HINARI is doing for me, my colleagues and my friends in the university.”

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