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Zambia, December 2011

“Busy hospital in rural Zambia. Large catchment area and patients from Angola/Congo. Teaching sessions twice a week for all hospital staff. Accredited HIV/AIDS programme. TB/Leprosy Colony. 1000 major surgeries/yr. Outreach programmes. Being in the bush in rural Zambia we have no access to medical libraries or academic facilities other than internet resources. Our staff have access to a limited number of textbooks but we have good internet facilities for them. We provide a high quality”

Nigeria, December 2011

“In our resource-poor setting, we appreciate all the good the WHO has provided, especially regarding health and education.”

Nigeria, December 2011

“I heard about Hinari while trying to download a journal article”

Uganda, November 2011

“The Parliament of Uganda Library would be proud to be associated with HINARI”

Ghana, November 2011

“HINARI is a dream come true and a relief for africa, God bless us all.”

Uganda, November 2011

“We are very grateful to you for access to this wonderful resource.”

Viet Nam, November 2011

“Thank you very much. Thanks for all. I am very happy now and i must think i will read the scientific articles from hinary through the night. Thanks again.”

Ghana, November 2011

“We thank God for this project. In fact it is going to help students in Africa and the world as a whole.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo, November 2011

“C'est une institution d'administration des soins de santé qui encadre un grand nombre des stagiaires en Médecine et en sciences infirmières. Elle veut egalement se lancer dans les publications médicales, d'où l'interêt de bien”

Zimbabwe, September 2011

“The programme is so rich so much that our entire library readership will benefit a lot through accessing the journal articles in the titles listed under the facility. It is indeed with joy that I am writing this note.”

Armenia, September 2011

“We are happy to have access to HINARI. It’s very useful and helpful database.”

Nepal, August 2011

“Thanks for all your help and support”

United Republic of Tanzania, August 2011

“Access to Hinari will improve knowledge among health workers which will lead to good services to patients and community at large”

Cambodia, August 2011

“Research is very important for Cambodian students. They want to know, they want to learn, and they want to undertake, but the resources are really limited…”

Bangladesh, August 2011

“In a word its a fantastic job.”

Bangladesh, August 2011

“This site is very much helpful for Bangladeshi people.”

Uganda, August 2011

“You are providing great services to the lower strata in society and this in many intangible ways has helped developn society, especially in East Africa where I belong.”

Nigeria, August 2011

“Just returned from PhD study trip to Britain on a commonwealth scholarship, but finding it increasingly difficult to access relevant journals. It is hell working here without this access.”

Nigeria, August 2011

“It is a site that is good for research.”

Chad, July 2011

“Je suis très heureux de découvrir ce site.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo, July 2011

“Notre région est très, nos enseignants et élèves ont des grandes difficultés pour accèder à des nouvelles informations en matières de santé pour l\'information des enseignants et la formations adéquate des élèves ainsi que le renforcement des capacités ...”

Ethiopia, July 2011

“We like to join hinari because we get access to many research works related with health.”

Zimbabwe, July 2011

“Hinari provides useful journals for our library that will equip our library users and this is an important search engine that has helped our users in a broader way.”

Ghana, July 2011

“Impressive knowledge available.”

Ghana, July 2011

“We appreciate your contribution towards research activities.”

Nigeria, July 2011

“Basic access to this resource will imensely help to provide us with information for our operational research efforts.”

Nepal, July 2011

“As our heart centre is dedicated to poor cardiac patients and there are almost 50 doctors working, access to online content of many journal especially cardiac would be invaluable to them so that they can serve better and aid them in research paper writing.”

Nepal, July 2011

“Very good website for public health professionals.”

Nepal, July 2011

“Good access to research papers in developing countries”

Nepal, July 2011

“this is the best site for searching of researcch information”

Nepal, July 2011

“informative for searching and loading the articles for library and personal researcher”

Myanmar, July 2011

“I love this site”

Kenya, July 2011

“Good for teaching, learning and research.”

Kenya, July 2011

“I want to read other researches done and published to be informed”

Sri Lanka, July 2011

“As the most of these journals are very expensive and not available in printed forms it is very useful students as well as doctors”

Nepal, June 2011

“HINARI will help us teach updated information to students.”

Nepal, June 2011

“Excellent website of wisdom”

Nepal, June 2011

“HINARI is very much appreciable step of WHO.”

Nepal, June 2011

“I think it will be beneficial to us for further study as well as research.”

Lesotho, June 2011

“I attended a workshop in Swaziland about HINARI, which was very educative and helpful for research puporses”

Kenya, June 2011

“This will help position us in the research community”

Kenya, June 2011

“The journals will be assistance to our students as they carry out their classwork and research”

Benin, June 2011

"Je vous remercie."

Cameroon, June 2011

“Les infos de ce site me seront necessaires pour des traveaux de recherches.”

Nepal, June 2011

“HINARI is one of the biggest data base for health Information review.”

Sudan, June 2011

“I hope Hinari will contribute to the development of research in my country.”

Nigeria, June 2011

“From my findings Hinari is a must have for every institution interested in serious research.”

Nepal, May 2011

“Hinari is doing a great job providing free books for the underprivileged. Please keep up the good work.”

Bangladesh, May 2011

“HINARI is the best site for getting all the clinical studies.”

Sudan, May 2011

“Thank you for providing this great service.”

Sudan, May 2011

“it’s a very helpful and useful for us cause it improve the research and update us. also help in finding the full text papers in international journal that could not be possible for us access or even to see it.”

Sudan, May 2011

“Knowledge if not distribute it die, toward wide spread of knowledge.”

Iraq, May 2011

“Everything good and important I can find it here.”

Kenya, May 2011

“The database has a rich collection useful for research in our institution.”

Senegal, May 2011

“African Scientists are ever grateful to HINARI and WHO as a whole for making us competitive in our research endeavours. Your valuable service is well appreciated.”

Uganda, May 2011

“from what I saw with the person who introduced me to hinari, the information is so empowering.”

Bangladesh, May 2011

“I found out that I need to join with hinari to help strengthen my research process. To speed up the research, I need a HINARI account.”

Lao People's Democratic Republic, May 2011

“The information form the website is very useful for using to upgrade knowledge in the Public health areas.”

Somalia, May 2011

“HINARI is fabulous and very useful.”

Somalia, May 2011

“I love it.”

Nigeria, May 2011

“I hope that the materials I will source from HINARI'S Database would help me in my research work, and I promise to contribute my quota to its development.”

Viet Nam, May 2011

“Hinari is a address to trust.”

Algeria, May 2011

"Nous souhaitons depuis longtemps nous abonner à des bases de données électroniques, mais elles sont pour la plupart hors de prix."

Yemen, April 2011

“I am an old subscriber and since 2006, and I found it is a priceless informative, reliable website through which I can search for any references needed for researches and studies.”

Uganda, April 2011

“I liked the information provided.”

Uganda, April 2011

“I once used HINARI while at [a university], and now since am involved in training, I felt that we should subscribe to HINARI in order to help our student get current literatures for their research studies. HINARI is one of the best web sources.”

Uganda, April 2011

“Thanks for the wonderfull service.”

Uganda, April 2011

“I used Hinari when I was a student nurse. It helped me to be updated.”

Sri Lanka, April 2011

“Meritorious aid is being provided by HINARI for development of needy Students. This can prove to uplift the standards of Science Graduates.”

Ethiopia, April 2011

“It's important service.”

Ethiopia, April 2011

“HINARI is an efficient means of accessing research results unavailable otherwise.”

Ethiopia, April 2011

“Good service, keep it up. You are very helpful.”

Ethiopia, April 2011

“it’s a wonderful site.”

Nigeria, April 2011

“HINARI will assist our institution tremendously. Accept our warmest regards.”

Nigeria, April 2011

“A motivational factor for a developing country like ours. Satisfactory.”

Malawi, April 2011

“HINARI has rich resources and I am certain that our students and tutors will benefit from the resource.”

Myanmar, April 2011

“We students depend a lot on hinari for researches. thanks a lot.”

Nepal, April 2011

"It is most useful URL for medical researcher n learner."

Sudan, April 2011

“it is a good idea to know that is available an electronic library.”

Kenya, March 2011

“Wonderful information.”

Bangladesh, March 2011

“Access to HINARI will help our medical teachers to improve their research works in terms of quality and quantity.”

Bangladesh, March 2011

“We desparately need to access journals as this is a training hospital soon to become a medical school.”

Bangladesh, March 2011

“This is the best source for academic information.”

Bangladesh, March 2011

“Long live this initiative.”

Bangladesh, March 2011

“Good platform for review of research outcomes.”

Ethiopia, March 2011

“Very nice.”

Nigeria, March 2011

“It’s an essential dbase.”

Nigeria, March 2011

“Will be great help to our students as well as the Lecturers and researchers.”

Nigeria, March 2011

“So helpful, it assist the research community here better access to quality information.”

Nigeria, March 2011

“Joining Hinari will be a great opportunity for my organization and I.”

Viet Nam, March 2011

“It is the most happiness to me if I can access HINARY library to improve my knowledge.”

Myanmar, March 2011

“I really appreciate Hinari..”

Nepal, March 2011

“Useful to students.”

Nepal, March 2011

"Our bachelor seond year students have started their research practicum for the partial fulfillment of their academic criteria for this purpose and for the faculty memeber hinari is the most essential site".

Nepal, March 2011

"It is really benefitial resourse. we all should have access to Hinari for better understanding research."

Kenya, March 2011

"Hinari is a very important resource since my Campus offers medical courses and this database contains most of course journals."

Nigeria, February 2011

“Thank you for your contribution on academics activities.”

Nigeria, February 2011

“It will increase the institution's well of wisdom.”

Viet Nam, February 2011

“Hinari is really helpful for my study.”

Sudan, February 2011

“It is a good site -- helping us to update ourselves.”

Nepal, February 2011

“A milestone in the development of academic confidence of our institution.”

Nepal, February 2011

"Our University provides medical education and wide range of scientific investigations in medicine and fundamental sciences. Everybody who knows English more than an alphabet, knows about the HINARI, uses it and likes it. Now there are scores of students, post-graduates, young medical scientists and advanced scientists as well, which know about the HINARI and use it. This access helps us very much for preparing our dissertations, lectures, scientific works and presentations. Many of my colleagues do not imagine their work without opportunities given by HINARI project."

Ethiopia, February 2011

"You know Ethiopian people, need your help always ....God Bless you."

Nepal, February 2011

"Access to HINARI will be great help."

Côte d'Ivoire, February 2011

"C'est une bonne opportunité pour nous les chercheurs juniors des pays du sud."

Cameroon, February 2011

"HINARI is a really helping to enrich the knowledge. I come to know about this through my friends."

Ethiopia, February 2011

"It is our pleasure that this site is built to help resource poor institutions like us by giving scholar articles free of charge which enriches all the academic staffs and students, we thank you all."

Cambodia, February 2011

"[We] would benefit greatly from improved access to medical information. It would not only improve local knowledge and clinical practice, but would also aid teaching of trainees."

Burundi, February 2011

"Une richesse inestimable de ressources dans le domaine de la santé."

Uganda, February 2011

"We are gratefull for the services you extend to all communities towards the noble cause of equiping them with uptodate information."

Afghanistan, February 2011

"It's a nice collection of medical journals."

Nigeria, February 2011

"I appreciate your effort in making health information accessible to third world countries free. Thanks."

Nepal, February 2011

"We would be greatful to get connected so that our students can get the benefits."

Kenya, January 2011

"We will appreciate the help of such a wonderful resource."

Côte d'Ivoire, January 2011

"HINARI peut nous aider dans le developpement des programmes de prevention dans la sous region. Etant donne l'inexistence d'une bibliotheque appropriee HINARI sera pour nous un outil precieux."

Viet Nam, January 2011

"This will be very useful for the developing countries like Vietnam."

Uganda, January 2011

"We have come to discover that this site will render a very good service to our intuitions in e-resources."

Sudan, January 2011

"Scientific articles accessed through HINARI is of great help to researchers from poorer states such as in my case."

Rwanda, January 2011

"HINARI va nous aider a approfondir nos connaissance dans la pratique clinique."

Sudan, January 2011

"We hope this valauble resource continue to be available for the reserchers, doctors and students."

Nigeria, January 2011

"I really love the site."

Nigeria, January 2011

"HINARI has really enriched our access to journals and updates."

Nepal, January 2011

"Access to research journals through HINARI would be of great help to out institution as our students must conduct research on different issues related to health. Faculty members will also be benefited to guide their student and to perform research."

Mongolia, January 2011

"We want to use your research bank. Because we want to use international good research."

Kenya, January 2011

"We will appreciate the help of such a wonderful resource."

Ghana, January 2011

"The HINARI database will be very helpful to staff and students..., especially the Midwifery and Nursing Students."

Côte d'Ivoire, January 2011

"The HINARI initiatives of helping higher education institutions to access Journals is a tremendous contribution to institutions in the third world that usually lack the financial means for membership to those journals. Thanks HINARI."

Nigeria, January 2011

"HINARI is the best for research."

Nepal, January 2011

"Access to research journals through HINARI would be of great help to out institution as our students must conduct research on different issues related to health. Faculty members will also be benefited to guide their student and to perform research."

Afghanistan, January 2011

"I really excited to get this access."

Iraq, January 2011

"I can not believe that any web site will equal to HINARI web site from all thinks."

Morocco, January 2011

"HINARI est vraiment une interface particulière et cruciale pour la recherche."

Iraq, January, 2011

"HINARI is a very useful website offering up to date infirmation for researchers."

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