Feedback from users


Bangladesh, June 2005

"We are delighted at having our 'own' access to HINARI. I am sure our students and colleagues will be immensely benefited by it."

Bangladesh, March 2005

"Thank you very much for the screenshots. That helped me very much to find my error. Finally I could be able to access all the journal I desire. It's very amazing to surf the vast source knowledge offered by HINARI."

Senegal, March 2005

"Je vous remercie de l’opportunité que vous nous offrez et de la confiance à l’endroit de notre institution. Nous en ferons un bon usage."

Nepal, March 2005

"We are delighted to be the part of HINARI. Our Doctors, MD residents/Ophthalmic assistant students and Technical staffs will definitely get valuable information from the site, provided by HINARI."

Nepal, March 2005

"Thank You very much for providing us this facility. We are very much indebted to your team. I hope our institute and its staff will be maximally benefited with this service. I will send the signed copy of our contract by Fax. Thanking you for kind cooperation."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, March 2005

"We are delighted to receive your e-mail and to hear that our institution is welcomed to the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative. Thus, we thank you deeply for that. Our staff and students will certainly draw a great benefit from this opportunity."

Romania, March 2005

"I am sorry for the delay in our answer. We needed some time to reevaluate the situation of HINARI service in our institute. First of all I would say that my colleagues found the access through HINARI very useful. There were a lot of problems regarding setting up the system making the access impossible for a long time but I am happy now that the situation has improved. Therefore we would like to continue using HINARI. Many thanks for the opportunity to access your service."

Colombia, February 2005

"Deseamos continuar vinculados a HINARI ya que nos ayuda de manera notoria en el soporte de nuestra labor diaria.

Romania, January 2005

"We greatly appreciate your good will. Your journals offer is very useful for us, especially for our students. This offer allowed us the access to the scientific news, otherwise inaccessible."

Colombia, January 2005

"...muchas gracias por el acceso a las revistas que pudimos leer, son muy buenas, nos gustaría poder seguir haciendolo "

Peru, January 2005

"Agradecemos infinitamente lo valioso que ha sido para nosotros contar con la amplia variedad de revistas que HINARI ha puesto a disposicion de nuestra institución, informacion sobre todo medica que nos ha servido para realizar algunos estudios de investigacion, les estamos profundamente agracedecidos por habernos apoyado el pasado año."

Guatemala, January 2005

"Estimados Señores de Hinari, efectivamente hemos participado en su programa y la verdad ha sido para nosotros una invaluable ayuda"