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"HINARI est incontournable pour toute recherche médicale et paramédicale. ..HINARI joue un rôle important dans notre recherche sur le paludisme, et autres domaines des plantes médicinales. J'ai co-édité un livre dont je joins la couverture. HINARI nous a beaucoup aidé." 07-Oct-04
"…estos últimos 3 años hemos realizado en la Biblioteca Virtual de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Ricardo Palma, el "Aula Virtual" donde los profesores principalmente del curso de pre-médicas de biología molecular, física medica hicieron sus clases con revistas con links a HINARI incluso los exámenes eran los días sábados y lográndose con éxito." 07-Oct-04
"Free access to scientific journals will very much enable scientist to have access to new publications hence be informed on what other scientist are doing especially in effort to fight the deadly tropical diseases which affect most of African countries southern of Sahara" 11-Aug-04
"Looking forward to this invaluable tool in our setting. Will allow research, teaching, and better treatment." 14-May-04
"...It is of enormous importance and help to all of us in the underprivileged countries." 29-Apr-04
"I inform you that an offprint of my paper which contains in its acknowledgment section the text "I am grateful to HINARI (Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative) for free on-line access to full-text journals" was sent you via snail mail yesterday. Another my article with similar text is now in print. With best regards and my hope for further cooperation." 16-Mar-04
"We are a small hospital with aprox 30 people working in it and serving the community. We don't have a library but we have 3 computers with one of them having internet. Not very fast but useful. Doctors here and nurses would beneficiate a lot from a service like this since I'm trying to teach them to use the internet to gain access to the latest medical information." 04-Mar-04
"We accepted your reply to our application with deep feeling of thankfulness. Of course it will be very beneficial for the researchers in our institution to obtain a reliable access to the modern issues of leading biomedical publications. Surely it will increase the level of integration of Azerbaijan medical sciences into the international healthcare family. We wish you and our users every success in very noble activity for the benefit of mankind." 16-Feb-04
"We are so delighted in participating in HINARI which will help advance health research in our region." 11-Jan-04
"I think send a letter to a high-impact journal in which I and another colleague highlight the high impact and success that have had HINARI to allow scientists of developing countries to achieve access to biomedical journals." 10-Jan-04

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