Feedback from users


Sudan, December 2010

"In case of registering the College as HINARI user the students both at under and post graduate levels and the staff will make the utmost use of the available literature in their studying and research."

Bangladesh, December 2010

"It is a wonderful site, full of research, articals and many more. It will be my honour to be your member."

Ethiopia, December 2010

"This is all my pleasure and thanks for giveing this huge access on behalf of our institution and we will going to utilise for our university research and academic purposes."

Ethiopia, December 2010

"It is actually nice. I am PhD student so HINARI access is very useful for me."

Nepal, December 2010

"This is a good service for a citizen from a least developed country like Nepal where researchers do not have enough funds to purchase scientific papers. We would be grateful for HINARI if we are provided this service."

Nigeria, December 2010

"Hinari had touched lives in the world of researches, please, keep it up."

Afghanistan, December 2010

"This is a great source for our hospital as research almost no here in Afghanistan."

Uganda, December 2010

"This sounds like a very useful service for academicians in developing countries like Uganda."

Uganda, December 2010

"Hinari is a useful resource for all our evaluations which we handle on a daily basis."

Uganda, December 2010

"Very useful for researchers."

Zimbabwe, December 2010

"Access would help us improve our research capacity tremendously."

Bangladesh, December 2010

"Very useful website for the latest updates of medical informations."

Bangladesh, December 2010

"We'll be happy if we get registered in Hinari to upgrade our research and teaching."

Cote d'Ivoire, November 2010

"HINARY is the best way to share scientific informations and to promote research in developping countries."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, November 2010

"This will be very helpfull for us to maintain us up to date on international scientific standards."

Iraq, November 2010

"I hope get a login info for pushing the development wheel in our country and thank you very much."

Viet Nam, November 2010

"The Hinary Web that is a big web can supply professional knowledge and help doctor in provinces update knowledge."

Nepal, November 2010

"I know HINARI is so much useful resources for medical sector to medical librarians and doctor."

Nepal, November 2010

"HINARI is very useful for the persons like us who are the residents of developing countries. I t helps a lot to go through the research activities going on all over the world. For the up-to date information and references, HINARI is very much useful for us."

Senegal, November 2010

"Hinari pourrait nous permettre d'améliorer nos capacités de recherches."

Azerbaijan, October 2010

"I would like to read ophthalmology journals from the Hinary because it is very convenient."

Ethiopia, October 2010

"If you send recent books your work becomes more appreciated."

Colombia, October 2010

"I am a student of modest economic background. I am currently in eighth semester of medical school. I love to do scientific research and welcome the opportunity to have the information that gives me HINARI."

Cameroon, October 2010

"Hinari is a very great tool to promote research and education in low income countries."

Liberia, October 2010

"I'm looking forward to having access to the large variety of professional journals. Thank you."

Tanzania, October 2010

"Something extraordinary."

Afghanistan, October 2010

"I want to help my people."

Cameroon, October 2010

"Hinari is a very great tool to promote research and education in low income countries."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, October 2010

"We would be grateful to be registered to HINARI so that students and teachers will be get access to updated health literature."

Ethiopia, September 2010

"I heard from friends and websited and is very important for our daily activities."

Sudan, September 2010

"I have been using this website and its service since 2002, it helped us so much reaching scientific publications during our research."

Cambodia, September 2010

"I'm in charge of building the capacity of our university library and its services, so I'm working to improve access to high-quality resources for both our students and Cambodian citizens, as our library is open to the public."

Sri Lanka, September 2010

"Hinari access to have a library like [ours] which is immense value to the medical professionals."

Rwanda, September 2010

"Les resources de HINARI vont nous permettre d'enrichir nos connaissances dans notre travail quotidien."

Rwanda, September 2010

"Merci de me connecter à la science."

Rwanda, September 2010

"Thank you so much to WHO for this extraordinary opportunity."

Lesotho, September 2010

"HINARI is very informative and there is a lot of information in relation to health subjects."

Malawi, September 2010

"In order to achieve our goals we would like to be accessing the peer reviewed journals for our research activities."

Benin, August 2010

"Nous avons été initiés a HINARI au cours d'une formation organisée par l'Organisation Ouest africaine de la Sante . Hinari est une bibliothèque universelle que les médecins, et internes de la Clinique d'urologie et d'andrologie mettront à profit pou."

Democratic Republic of the Congo, August 2010

"Un collègue médecin nous a fait découvrir et recommandé de toujours consulter Hinari pour la pratique de la médecine."

Nigeria, August 2010

"HINARI, a good resource."

Kenya, August 2010

"Looking forward to utilising your resources to grow in my career as well as facilitate my collegues to grow in theirs and serve patients better."

Ethiopia, July 2010

"The hospital, as it is found in Ethiopia, is in need of Hinari as reference because the hospital is lack of money to buy any reference. I am very pleased to use hinari as a source for my research."

Kenya, July 2010

"The information you have is valuable to our clients."

Nepal, June 2010

"Thank you for helping institutions in developing countries get access to expensive research materials."

Cameroon, June 2010

"J'ai entendu parler d\'HINARI lors d\'une rencontre de formation sur l\'initiation à la rédaction scientifique à Abidjan avec une équipe de l\'ISPED de Bordeaux."

Nigeria, June 2010

"A very rich website especially for the black developing nation."

Ethiopia, June 2010

"This is really a good opportunity, specially for academic institutes."

Cote d'Ivoire, May 2010

"For best results, please contact the Librarian."

Nigeria, May 2010

"We want to improve, help us."

Yemen, May 2010

"You guys are fabulous . god bless your hearts."

Papua New Guinea, May 2010

"I need updated information on health issues and researches for learning and information sharing purposes. Coming from a developing country like Papua New Guinea, it is quiet difficult to get information as such from other sources."

Iraq, April 2010

"Thank you to give us this nice chance to be in contact with new researches."

Ethiopia, April 2010

"It is really nice that WHO organise such highly important things for developing countries who don\'t have the access to journals."

Kenya, April 2010

"HINARI is what I was missing...I wish I knew about it earlier."

Iraq, February 2010

"This site is very informative to us and we can not share the world updates because we are poor country and we have no facilities as in the developed countries."

Iraq, February 2010

"We are in nursing college, depending on these new up to date research in outside world, and hop you will let us to complete our research in these great section, and let us progress in our study, and pls hop you knew we are in new Iraq try to reach to basic knowledge."

Iraq, January 2010

"I'm so glade to find this huge electric library, I'm interested in PG education in Oral Surgery so this website will add me in this because this will provide good knowledge and facilitate process for increase my skills and knowledge in my branch."

Nepal, January 2010

"Best way of Updating and research!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations for making world wise..."

Democratic Republic of Congo, January 2010

"HINARI permets à nos professionnels de santé d'avoir accès à des publications aux quelles ils ne pourraient accéder autrement..."


"HINARI permets à nos professionnels de santé d'avoir accès à des publications aux quelles ils ne pourraient accéder autrement.. HINARI va nous permettre d'accéder aux revues biomédicales qu'étaient difficile d'acquérir, faute de moyens financiers."

Afghanistan, January 2010

"Thank you so much for all you do for the people of the world."

Viet Nam, January 2010

"We are eager to use the free database and it will certainly boost the research activities in our center."

Bangladesh, January 2010

"First and foremost, I would like to offer my congratulations on the commendable job you have been doing. It is probably difficult to describe the huge source of help you have been to countless Bangladeshi students like us."

Guatemala, January 2010

"Agradecerles el apoyo hacia nosotros los guatemaltecos y específicamente a Huehuetenango que es un área muy postergada en nuestro país con más del 80% de área indígena y de extrema pobreza."

Nepal, January 2010

"I would like to inform you HINARI program had definitely support to the research activities of Nepal. This program is heavily used by the MD program as well as Master program of Nursing. So, this service must be continuing in future so that the developing country like Nepal could get benefit in accessing the current health information."

Viet Nam, January 2010

"Grâce à l'admission aux programmes AGORA et OARE depuis deux ans, ainsi qu'avec d'autres sources d'accès libre, nous avons aidé de centaines utilisateurs à obtenir gratuitement de milliers d'articles scientifiques, contribuant considérablement au succès de leur projet de recherche (notamment ceux réalisés dans le cadre d'une formation diplômant au niveau de master et doctorat..."

Papua New Guinea, January 2010

"I am very thankful that I have attended this workshop. It has made my work much more easier by searching and accessing useful and relevant information for teaching, learning, research and practice than ever before."

Burkina Faso, January 2010

"HINARI est un tres bon moteur de recherche qui facilitera la vie des chercheurs et des personnels de sante entre autre."

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