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Journals by publisher (from A to J)

Abant Izzet Baysal University

Pediatric Urology Case Reports

Amber Publication

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science

Association of Physicians of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Journal of Medicine

Baqai University Press

Baqai Journal of Health Sciences

Bioclues Organization

International Journal for Computational Biology


Echo Research and Practice

Cambridge University Press

Language and Cognition

Cambridge University Press (low bandwidth)

Language and Cognition

Clinical Research Board

The Clinical Researcher

Directory of Open Access Journals

Andhra Pradesh Journal of Psychological Medicine
Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health
Golden Research Thoughts
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research (IJPBR)
Indian Streams Research Journal
International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology
International Journal of Engineering (IJE)
International Journal of Medical Students
International Journal of Research & Development of Health
International Journal of Research in Health Sciences
International Journal of Scientific Study
Iranian Journal of Catalysis
Journal of Behavioral Science
Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Pharmacy and Phytotherapeutics
Journal of Psychiatrists' Association of Nepal
Journal of Renal Injury Prevention
Journal of Universal College of Medical Sciences
Medical Science
Mintage journal of pharmaceutical and medical sciences
MRIMS Journal of Health Sciences
Neotropical Helminthology
NHL Journal of Medical Sciences
Review of Research
Reviews of Progress
Science Park
The Biologist (Lima)
Yemeni Journal for Medical Sciences

Dr.L.Sharma Medical Care and Educational Development Society

Scientific Research Journal of India


Accident and Emergency Nursing
Acta Materialia

Elsevier (Open)

III-Vs Review

Exercise Fitness and Health Alliance (EFHA)

Journal of Exercise Science & Physiotherapy

Foundation for Rehabilitation Information

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine


Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery

Health Agenda

The Health Agenda

Health Foundation Sciences


Hygeia Press

Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine

IJDRA Publishing group

International Journal of Drug Regulatory Affairs

Imprimerie St Paul

Annales Africaines de Medecine

Institucion Universitaria Politecnico Grancolombiano


Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation

Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation

Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Iranian Society of Microbiology

Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology

Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry

Journal of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

Journal of Dental Sciences & Oral Rehabilitation

Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research

Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research