Honduras: The National Medical Library Activities to Improve Access to Hinari/Research4Life resource databases (9 June 2017)

The National Medical Library of Honduras is developing a training project that promotes access to resources in the HINARI / Research4Life database using the Virtual Health Library of Honduras platform and with additional participation from librarians, information managers and users from three cities, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba (August 2016-February 2018). The project is being sponsored by the Medical Library Association of the United States of America (MLA) through a grant that responds to HINARI / Research4Life Activities (R4L) and is ending in June. It aims to promote the use of information resources in the R4L initiative, especially the use of HINARI, in low-income countries. The project also aims to train HINARI / R4L resource managers on bibliographic reference management and knowledge organization tools, train users (undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and health workers) in HINARI / R4L resources, and establish a network of library training centers dedicated to promoting and training HINARI / R4L resources.

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3 July 2017 15:26 CEST