Advanced Course

The Advanced Course concentrates on more sophisticated PubMed options, health sources on the Internet, evidence-based medicine and e-book resources from Hinari and the Internet.

Training files have been updated as of July 2017.

Module 1 - PubMed MeSH

Medical Subject Headings’ controlled vocabulary for indexing articles/searching in PubMed - major topic headings and explode, sub-headings & geographic regions

Module 2 - PubMed MyNCBI

Email alerts & search saving tool - register/sign into MyNCBI, add filters, save searches/receive email alerts, save searches to collections

Module 3 - BabelMeSH for HINARI Users

Search PubMed using different languages - definition/background/overview, MeSH search

Module 4 - Health Information Resources on the Internet

Definitions - grey literature/open access journals, sampling of resources – agencies, databases, free e-journal access & grey literature search tools

Module 5 - CINAHL database

Nursing & allied health database of 2960 journals - background, interface overview, searching tools, save results

Module 6 - Evidence-based Practice Resources

Definitions, 5 step EBM process/PICO, Hinari resources – Cochrane Library & others, Internet resources - PubMed/clinical queries/filters & others

Module 7 - eBooks

eBook capability, Hinari resources, sample of free Internet portals and eBook publishers

Module 8 - SCOPUS

Abstract & citation database - background, search page options, results/refine search pages, download/export/print & email tools

Module 9 - Research4Life Training portal

About Research4Life programmes, authorship skills, reference management software, program specific training, other resources & media center