Basic Course

The Basic Course focuses on the skills necessary for accessing and using the Hinari resources including searching skills, the Hinari portal and PubMed searching.

Training files have been updated as of July 2017.

What is Hinari?

Module 1 - Research4Life background

Description of the Research4Life programmes, Do’s & Don’ts, technical requirements, types of journals, journal impact factor

Module 2 - Internet searching and website evaluation

Gateways, search engines & databases, Google vs. Scholar vs. PubMed, Boolean & advanced searching, evaluation of websites

Module 3 - Hinari portal

Background, find articles by journal title, subject, language & publisher, overview of e-Book access, other databases, reference sources & free resources

Module 4 - PubMed database interface

Connect/navigate in PubMed, search, display & send to options

Module 5 - PubMed filters

Publication date, language, age, type of article, field tag filters & more

Module 6 - PubMed search options

History and advanced search tool

Module 7 - Summon

Google like search tool for Hinari journals & e-Books, Summon vs, PubMed, search/preview features, export, print & email tools, refine search options

Download workbook activities
doc, 244kb

Key Teaching Points

Review/questions for key topics from Module 1-6