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Special PubMed for HINARI

HINARI users can search and access full-text articles directly from the Pubmed (Medline) database.

There are two options.

Retrieve citations to all articles about a subject. Some of these articles may not be available online, or may not be accessible to HINARI users.

Retrieve citations only to articles which are accessible through HINARI.

From the HINARI menu, click on "Search for articles through PubMed (Medline)". Enter the subject of your research (MeSH term, keyword) and then click Go to retrieve available citations. Change the display to "Abstract" and click on the Display button. Citations which are accessible to HINARI users will have a HINARI link button. Click on the button to go directly to full-text of the article.

To retrieve only citations with HINARI or free full text links :

Search PubMed for : e.g. Dengue AND (loprovhinari[sb] OR free full text[sb]) then click Go. Change the display to "Abstract" and click on the Display button. All citations will now have links directly to the full-text article.

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