External Evaluation of WHO's contribution to "3 by 5": final report


An independent formative evaluation was conducted on the "3 by 5" initiative, the global drive to treat 3 million people living with HIV/AIDS in low- and middle-income countries by the end of 2005.

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the accomplishments and lessons learnt regarding WHO's contribution to "3 by 5", following an agreement between WHO and its main donor for "3 by 5" - the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


An Evaluation Team of 6 consultants undertook this independent evaluation, under the leadership of Dr Ulrich Vogel (team leader).

The process was guided by a Steering Committee, chaired by Dr Rene Loewenson and composed of 14 members representing key stakeholders (including donors, WHO Member States, NGOs, experts, people living with HIV/AIDS, and representatives of UNAIDS and the WHO Strategic Technical Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS).

The Strategic Information and Research Team (SIR) in the WHO HIV/AIDS Department in Headquarters provided secretariat support.

Evaluation activities

The evaluation was carried out from July 2005 to March 2006, with the following data collection activities at global, regional and national levels:

  • extensive review of documentation;
  • individual and/or group interviews with main (internal and external) partners and stakeholders;
  • survey (complemented by interviews) of WHO headquarters technical team leaders;
  • visits to 7 of the 49 focus countries (Burkina Faso, Guyana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Ukraine);
  • visits to four regional offices (the WHO Regional Office for Africa in Harare; the WHO Regional Office for the Americas/PAHO in Washington; the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean in Cairo and the WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia in New Delhi);
  • electronic survey of WHO "3 by 5" country officers; national AIDS programme managers; and United Nations AIDS Country Theme Groups in the “3 by 5” focus countries; and
  • commissioned focus studies.

The Evaluation Team delivered a draft evaluation report at the end of January 2006 which was extensively reviewed by the Steering Committee and WHO. The Evaluation Team subsequently produced a final evaluation report at the end of March 2006.

Outcome: final report of the evaluation of WHO's contribution to "3 by 5"

The final report of the external evaluation of WHO's contribution to "3 by 5" is now available. This document includes a foreword by the Steering Committee, and the WHO management response.




- Appendix A: Members of the Steering Committee for the "3 by 5" evaluation
- Appendix B: "3 by 5" strategy
English ¦ French
- Appendix C: Progress on global HIV antiretroviral therapy; update on "3 by 5" (June 2005)
English ¦ French
- Appendix D: Progress on global HIV antiretroviral therapy; update on "3 by 5" (March 2006)
English ¦ French
- Appendix E: A public health approach to antiretroviral treatment: overcoming constraints
English ¦ French
- Appendix F: Global health-sector strategy for HIV/AIDS 2003-2007
English ¦ French
- Appendix G: The resolution 57.14 from the 57th World Health Assembly "Scaling up treatment and care within a coordinated and comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS"
English ¦ French

WHO management response

The evaluation of WHO's contribution to the "3 by 5" Initiative provided critical guidance to WHO at a crucial time in the global response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. WHO sincerely thanks the members of the evaluation team for an evaluation report containing many useful recommendations for WHO, its partners and donors. Thanks are also due to the members of the Evaluation Steering Committee who advised the Evaluation Team and WHO at key stages of the evaluation process.

The WHO management response is included at the end of the evaluation report on page 95.


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