Forecasting antiretroviral demand

Logistics Management and Information System (LMIS)

With the increasing number of people on treatment, supply chains need to expand, and be fully accountable for their actions.

To support health supply chains, the AMDS partners started facilitating access to their technical products through the searchable in 2007. This toolbox is now managed by i-Solutions, which also makes it available on a USB stick and in a downloadable version for professionals from developing countries who have unreliable insufficient access to internet.

The AMDS partners also conduct workshops to provide countries with technical knowledge and skills in various areas of the procurement and supply management (PSM) cycle. Inquiries on when and where those workshops will be held can be obtained by contacting

UNDP just released an on-line training package to cater to the needs of supply managers in health facilities.

Finally, the AMDS partners have agreed on a limited number of indicators to monitor the performance of the PSM system and prevent stock out and overstocking of ARVs, TB and malaria medicines – a key development relevant to the supply of other health commodities as well.