Forecasting antiretroviral demand

Coordinated Procurement Planning Initiative

Preventing and managing stock outs

In order to help countries in dealing with ARV stock outs, a new Coordinated Procurement Planning (CPP) Initiative was created. Under this initiative, PEPFAR, WHO, the Global Fund, UNITAID, UNAIDS, the World Bank, UNICEF and CHAI share information on stock levels among national and international partners.

Through a coordinated alert and response mechanism, the CPP members indicate alternative sources of emergency supplies when the risk of stock arises. This forum has also been used to analyse needs for transitional procurement planning when one of the funding agencies is phasing out in a particular country. Several cases of ART disruptions have been averted through this global coordinated approach with regular exchange of information and rapid response.

Supporting this effort, emergency buffer stocks have been established by UNICEF, IDA Foundation, i+solutions, Missionpharma, Centrale Humanitaire Médico-Pharmaceutique, and the Partnership for Supply Chain Management of PEPFAR. In addition, the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator of PEPFAR has created an Emergency Commodity Fund (ECF) to ensure that countries with guaranteed funding are not delayed in accessing the required commodities.