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22 September 2006: Gilead Announces Licensing Agreements with Eight India-Based Companies for Manufacturing and Distribution of Generic Versions Of Viread in the Developing World
Gilead announced that the company has signed eight new non-exclusive license agreements with generic companies in India.
- GSK release

30 May 2006: New antiretrovirals, and reduction of Not-For-Profit prices of abacavir containing products by GSK
GSK has reduced the not-for-profit (NFP) prices of some of its HIV/AIDS medicines and introduced two new ARVs to its NFP offer. The latest price reductions, effective from 1 July 2006, lower the NFP price of Ziagen including its paediatric formulation, and Trizivir by up to 30%. Ziagen is currently recommended by the WHO as a 2nd line treatment option and Trizivir is a triple fixed dose combination particularly useful in patients co-infected by HIV and TB.
- GSK release

20 March 2006: GSK informs WHO on resolving time delay in supply of ARVs containing zidovudine
GSK has resolved the bottlenecks causing restricted supply and delays of ARVs in the latter half of 2005. "GSK has reduced the lead times for all new orders of ARVs containing zidovudine to the standard level of 16 weeks," reads a letter from GSK to AMDS. The company assures the security of uninterrupted supply in the future enabled by the cooperation it has received in prioritizing supply of HIV medications and the placement of additional manufacturing capacity. AMDS would like to share the news with its partners and stakeholders as supply from GSK plays an important role in ART treatment operations for many countries.

7 March 2006: Merck reduces price of efavirenz (Stocrin) for countries hardest hit by HIV/AIDS
Merck & Co., Inc. announced today of the price reduction for STOCRIN (efavirenz), in the least developed countries and those hardest hit by the epidemic. The price of the 600 mg formulation of STOCRIN has been reduced by 20 percent to US $0.76 per day, or US $277.40 per patient per year, from $0.95 per day. The 200 mg formulation of STOCRIN has been reduced by 22 percent to US $0.36 per capsule, or $1.08 per day and about US $394.20 per patient per year, from $0.46 per capsule.
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12 January 2006: Clinton Foundation establishes new agreements to lower prices of HIV/AIDS rapid tests and second-line drugs
President Bill Clinton announced today that his foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative has negotiated new pricing agreements to lower the prices of HIV diagnosis and two antiretrovirals (ARVs). Four companies—Chembio (U.S.), Orgenics (a subsidiary of Inverness Medical Innovations, Israel), Qualpro Diagnostics (India), and Shanghai Kehua (China)—will offer rapid tests for $0.49-$0.65 per test. As a result of their agreements with the Clinton Foundation, countries will be able to reduce the cost of HIV diagnosis by 50%.
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12 January 2006: Roche offers help to local manufacturers to produce HIV medicine for sub-Saharan Africa and Least Developed Countries
As part of its new Technology Transfer Initiative, Roche announced that it will expand its current activities within sub-Saharan Africa and the world’s Least Developed Countries by providing local manufacturers with the technical expertise required to produce generic HIV medicines. These countries cover 69% of all people living with HIV/AIDS in the world.
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