Ranbaxy withdraws all its antiretroviral medicines from WHO prequalification
9 November 2004 - Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited India has informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that it is voluntarily withdrawing all its antiretrovirals (all the product dossiers under assessment and all prequalified products) from WHO prequalification. This action was taken after the company found discrepancies in the documentation relating to proof of the products' bioequivalence with originator medicines.
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Information and Guidance on Prequalified drugs
1 September 2004 - WHO departments of Essential Drugs and Medicine and HIV/AIDS have published practical guidance for national regulatory bodies, patients and doctors on management of procured drugs that have been recently delisted from WHO list of prequalified drugs.
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Three AIDS medicines will be removed from prequalification list this week
04 August 2004 - A contracted laboratory which had done bioequivalence studies for three AIDS medicines has been found non-compliant with international standards and as a result the three antiretrovirals will be removed from the list.
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New edition of WHO prequalification list to include four new anti-AIDS medicines
13 July 2004: Four new AIDS medicines are being added to the World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification list this week, thus further increasing access to a choice of quality products.
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WHO statement on removal of two AIDS medicines from list of prequalified products
17 June 2004: The World Health Organization (WHO) removed two antiretroviral products from the WHO List of prequalified products: Lamivudine 150mg tablet from Cipla Ltd, Kurkumbh, India. Blister pack of 10. And Lamivudine 150mg plus Zidovudine 300mg tablet. Cipla Ltd, Vikhroli, India. Blister pack of 10.
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