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IMAI Sharepoint

The IMAI Sharepoint website has been created to give people access to all generic IMAI materials. These materials are continually revised based on country experience, and the website is maintained by the WHO IMAI team in Geneva. Free registration is required to access this site.

Current users

If you are already registered to the IMAI sharepoint, access the IMAI sharepoint by clicking here

How to register for the IMAI Sharepoint website

For those outside WHO Geneva (including regional and country offices):

  • Click on the following WHO Application Directory Service (ADS) link:
  • Follow the instructions provided on the ADS website to create a new ADS account. You will need to fill in your personal details and create a new username (we recommend Familyname + Initial, i.e. John Smith = SmithJ with no spaces or random characters).
  • You will then receive an automatic email from confirming your subscription. To activate your account you must open the email and click on the confirmation link. Please note: if you do not complete this step within 48 hours your pending account request will be deleted.
  • Most important! After activating the account, please send an email to with your new ADS username. Only when you have done this can we grant you access to the IMAI Sharepoint website. We will do this immediately during working hours (CET), or first thing in the morning if you send it in the evening.
  • Once we have done this, you will receive an email notifying you that you now have access to the IMAI Sharepoint website. You may then go to and access the site. Use the prefix "ADS\" to your username when logging in. For example, if the ADS username is "smitht", type "ADS\smitht" in the username field.

For those inside WHO Geneva (who already have a Synergy account), you do not need to create an ADS account as described above. Contact a member of the IMAI team of the HIV/AIDS Department for access.

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