WHO announces Guidelines Development Group for 2017 guidelines supplement on the public health response to HIV drug resistance

A supplement to the Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection.

6 March 2017 – WHO has posted the membership of the clinical Guidelines Development Group (GDG) for the upcoming guidelines on the public health response to HIV drug resistance, which will convene in Geneva, Switzerland, on 20-21 March 2017.

Members of the public and interested organizations can view the biographies of these GDG members. They can also inform WHO of their views about any of these GDG members between 6-20 March 2017 by writing to

This GDG will review the evidence to make decisions on:

  • What country level or population level threshold of pre-treatment HIVDR should trigger a public health response? and
  • What is the optimal treatment strategy in countries where high levels of pre-treatment HIVDR have been documented?

The group will also work to:

  • Consider key implementation issues for all recommendations with specific reference to populations and epidemic settings; and
  • Identify key priorities for future research on responding to HIV drug resistance.

Biographies of GDG members 2017