HIV-associated tuberculosis increases in Europe

23 March 2017 – Despite declines in new tuberculosis (TB) cases and deaths in the WHO European Region, TB among people living with HIV increased by 40% over the last 5 years.

Ahead of World TB Day 2017, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the WHO Regional Office for Europe launched a new report highlighting the dual burden of HIV and TB in the region, especially among vulnerable populations. The report calls for access to HIV testing for all TB patients, and vice versa, together with counselling and rapid treatment to reverse the negative trend.

World TB Day will be commemorated on 24 March 2017 under the theme, "Unite efforts to leave no one behind". The campaign focuses on the need to protect human rights and ensure ethics and equity in delivering TB care to communities including migrants, refugees, prisoners, ethnic minorities, miners and others working and living in risk-prone settings, as well as marginalized women, children and older people who are most affected by TB.

WHO released a new ethics guidance for World TB Day to help ensure that countries implementing the End TB Strategy adhere to sound ethical standards to protect the rights of all those affected.

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