With PrEP from San Francisco

San Francisco – centre of the epidemic, and now of PrEP scale up

San Francisco was an epicentre of the HIV epidemic in the USA during the 1980s. People living with HIV in this city have experienced the worst devastation and longest battle with the disease. They have also seen many victories along the way, as shown in this newspaper article from 13 August 1998.

"No Obits" marked the first day in 17 years when the newspaper had no obituaries for lives lost to AIDS. This was a celebration of the HIV treatment programmes in the city, which became a routine service for all people living with HIV in San Francisco in 2010. The city is now close to achieving goals for diagnosis, linkage to care, and successful treatment. And in 2015, news spread that PrEP was already being used by 10–15% of some key populations.