With PrEP from San Francisco

Magnet clinic provides PrEP + positive support

The Magnet clinic is a community-based organization run by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. More than 300 people have signed up for PrEP at this clinic in the last 5 months.

nurse practitioner attending patient
Kevin Johnson/WHO

The clinic is directed by Pierre Crouch, a 39-year-old nurse practitioner. He says, “Providing a positive environment helps remove the damaging stigma that is so widely ingrained in our community that prevents people from accessing sexual health care. Our PrEP health programme has further redefined sexual health. Every day I see people with a renewed sense of self, as to what it is to be human. Sexual health is about taking control, and no longer about fear. We now live in a world where HIV infection status has lost its meaning. There are HIV negative people on PrEP and HIV positive people on treatment: we are all equal now.”