With PrEP from San Francisco

WHO issues new PrEP guideline

During 2014, more than 5000 people used PrEP in San Francisco. This contributed to a substantial decrease in new HIV infections. PrEP is finally removing the barrier that once divided the community: HIV.

#PleasePrEPme campaign
Ryan Anson/WHO

In this picture, a youth group is participating in the #PleasePrEPme campaign to promote a public directory of PrEP services in California. Dr Bob Grant from San Francisco is working as part of the WHO team to develop specific guidelines for considering PrEP in strategies to prevent HIV in communities where rates of new infection remain high. WHO first issued a strong recommendation for PrEP pilot projects in 2012, and a strong recommendation for PrEP use among MSM in 2014.

In September 2015, WHO shares its updated recommendation on PrEP. The new guideline recommends offering PrEP to people at substantial HIV risk as part of combination prevention approaches.