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Sources and prices of selected medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS

Reference Number: WHO/EDM/PAR/2003.7

"Sources and Prices of Selected Medicines and Diagnostics for People Living with HIV/AIDS", June 2003, on finished products of selected HIV-related medicines and diagnostics: Includes 59 active ingredients in 100 dosage forms, issued annually, available in printed documents and on web sites of all partners (UNICEF, UNAIDS, and MSF). This joint project on sources and indicative prices started in 1999; first year publications in 2000. This project will be closely linked with the Expressions of Interest launched as part of the Accelerated Access. The report of June 2003 includes updated prices of pharmaceutical products and diagnostic tests. Apart from anti-retroviral medicines, it includes medicines used to treat a range of opportunistic infections, for pain relief, for use in palliative care, for the treatment of HIV/AIDS-related cancers and for the management of drug dependence. It also provides information on a range of HIV/AIDS test kits for initial diagnosis of the infection, and ongoing monitoring of antiretroviral treatment. The report includes also a section on registration status of products included in the survey, and the updated publication of MSF "Untangling the web of price reductions: a pricing guide for the purchase of ARVs for developing countries".

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