Report of the consultation on the treatment of HIV among adolescents

Meeting report - 22-23 September 2014
Château de Penthes, Geneva, Switzerland

Outcome 2: other priority areas to include as adolescent considerations or good practice

Clinical (see annex 3)

  • Address mental health issues for adolescents through inclusion in the package of care.
  • Include primary HPV vaccinations, pneumococcal vaccination and hepatitis B booster into the package of care.
  • Further emphasize intensified TB case-finding among adolescents.
  • Further address the management of toxicity and its impact on adherence.
  • Highlight the complexities of unplanned treatment interruptions.

Service delivery (see annex 4)

  • Define the package of care for younger (10 -14 years) and older (15 -19 years) adolescents at various levels of service.
  • Further emphasize existing guidance on disclosure with more focus on helping adolescents to disclose to others.
  • Addressing adherence assessment, treatment literacy and counselling/ support through highlighting adolescent-specific key principles.
  • Highlight challenges of transition by expanding definitions and defining key principles
  • Emphasize current guidance on training and elaborate upon competency frameworks.
  • Highlight principles of family-centred care, particularly for young adolescents.