Short-term priorities for antiretroviral drug optimization

Meeting report (18 – 19 April 2011, London, UK)

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Editors: WHO Department of HIV/AIDS
Number of pages: 16
Publication date: 2011
Languages: English
WHO reference number: 9789241501941



The meeting was part of WHO’s commitment to the broader Treatment 2.0 initiative, coordinated by the UNAIDS Secretariat and WHO, which aims to radically simplify all aspects of quality HIV treatment, including drugs, diagnostics and healthcare delivery systems, to reduce costs and to mobilize communities towards greater engagement in programme design and implementation in resource-limited settings. Treatment 2.0 focuses on short– (1-3 years), medium– (4-6 years), and long– (7-10 years) term objectives to achieve and sustain universal access to treatment for all who need it and maximize the preventive benefits of treatment.

The recommendations from this meeting are intended to galvanize global stakeholders towards developing and making available and affordable the recommended optimized drug regimens.