The strategic use of antiretrovirals to help end the HIV epidemic


Publication details

Number of pages: 54
Publication date: July 2012
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 150392 1



The paper does not in itself constitute a WHO guidance document, even though it summarizes existing WHO guidelines related to antiretroviral (ARV) use, highlights progress in the Treatment 2.0 initiative, and outlines the next steps in WHO’s normative work related to ARV use. The report is organized as follows:

  • Section 1: Executive summary
  • Section 2: Big achievements and huge opportunities
  • Section 3: Using antiretrovirals strategically and effectively: An incremental approach
  • Section 4: Making the most of the new opportunities
  • Section 5: Moving forward: WHO's strategic approaches
  • Section 6: Conclusions

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