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Epidemiological fact sheets on HIV and AIDS, 2008 update

Core data on epidemiology and response

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In these fact sheets you can find country specific information on the following indicators:

  • Estimated number of adults and children living with HIV/AIDS, end of 2007
  • Estimated number of deaths due to AIDS, end of 2007
  • Estimated number of orphans, end of 2007
  • Estimated number of people with advanced HIV infection needing and receiving antiretroviral therapy, 2004-2007
  • Estimated number of pregnant women living with HIV needing and receiving antitretrovirals to prevent mother-to-child transmission, 2004-2007
  • Reported AIDS cases and HIV cases
  • Sentinel surveillance data: hiv prevalence data among pregnant women, sex workers, injecting drug users, people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), men having sex with men, and tuberculosis patients
  • Number of public and NGO services providing testing and counselling services
  • 13 indicators on demographics
  • 11 indicators on socio-economics
  • 9 indicators on access to health care
  • 10 indicators on knowledge and behaviour

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