Planning guide for the health sector response to HIV


Planning guide for the health sector response to HIV

Publication details

Number of pages: 100
Publication date: 2011
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 150253 5



The guide to planning for the health sector response to HIV sets out essential considerations for developing robust national plans for an effective response to HIV in the health sector. It serves as a tool for translating the tenets of the Global health Sector Strategy for HIV 2011-2015 into national priorities strategies and plans.

The guide aims to:

  • define how planning for HIV in the health sector is linked to wider health policies; strategies and plans, as well as to the wider multisectoral AIDS response;
  • highlight principles of planning that focus on achieving results and maximizing returns on investments;
  • describes main components of a sectoral HIV plan, such as situation analysis, prioritization and approaches to service delivery, monitoring and costing;
  • make direct link between strategic, operational planning and implementation.