Chapter 5: Clinical guidelines across the continuum of care: HIV diagnosis and ARV drugs for HIV prevention

Consolidated ARV guidelines, June 2013

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This chapter provides a summary of existing and new evidence-based clinical recommendations outlining a public health approach to diagnosing HIV infection and providing ARV drugs for prevention in the context of the broad continuum of HIV care, with a focus on settings with limited health system capacity and resources.

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  • 5.1 HIV testing and counselling
    5.1.1 Introduction
    5.1.2 HIV testing and counselling in health facilities
    5.1.3 Community-based HIV testing and counselling
    5.1.4 HIV testing and counselling in specific populations Couples Pregnant and postpartum women Infants and children Adolescents Key populations
  • 5.2 HIV diagnosis and ARV drugs for HIV prevention
    5.2.1 Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis
    5.2.2 ART for prevention among serodiscordant couples
    5.2.3 Post-exposure prophylaxis for occupational and non-occupational exposure to HIV
    5.2.4 Combination HIV prevention