Chapters 1-4: Overview of the introductory chapters

Consolidated ARV guidelines, June 2013

Chapter 1: Introduction


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  • 1. Introduction
    1.1 Background and context
    1.2 Rationale for consolidated guidelines
    1.3 Objectives
    1.4 Target audience
    1.5 Scope and components
    1.5.1 Introductory chapters
    1.5.2 Clinical guidance
    1.5.3 Operational and service delivery guidance
    1.5.4 Guidance for programme managers
    1.5.5 Monitoring and evaluation

Chapter 2: Guiding principles


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  • 2. Guiding principles
    2.1 Contribution to global health goals
    2.2 Public health approach
    2.3 Strengthening health systems through innovation and learning
    2.4 Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of programmes
    2.5 Promoting human rights and health equity
    2.6 Implementation based on local context

Chapter 3: Methods and process for developing the guidelines


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  • 3. Methods and process for developing the guidelines
    3.1 Overview
    3.2 Information sources
    3.3 External participation
    3.3.1 Guideline Development Groups and peer review process
    3.3.2 Conflicts of interest
    3.4 Process of formulating recommendations
    3.5 Other methods
    3.6 Dissemination

Chapter 4: Organization of the guidelines

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    This chapter describes how the guidelines are presented on the print publication format. It is available for download only.

    In this chapter:
    4. Continuum of care
    4.1 Structure of presentation for new recommendations
    4.2 Structure of presentation of selected recommendations from existing guidelines
    4.3 How to use the guidelines for specific populations
    4.3.1 Pregnant and breastfeeding women
    4.3.2 Adolescents
    4.3.3 Children
    4.3.4 Key populations