Chapter 10: Guidance for programme managers

Consolidated ARV guidelines, June 2013

Consolidated ARV guidelines 2013 - Chapter 10: Guidance for programme managers

This chapter provides programmatic guidance for decision-makers and planners at the national level as they work to adopt and implement the clinical and operational recommendations in these guidelines.

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  • 10. Guidance for programme managers
    10.1 Introduction
    10.2 Decision-making process
    10.3 Data to support decision-making
    10.3.1 Overview
    10.3.2 National and local HIV epidemiology
    10.3.3 Programme performance and response analysis
    10.3.4 Socioeconomic, policy and legal context
    10.4 Key parameters for decision-making
    10.4.1 Ethics, equity and human rights
    10.4.2 Impact and cost–effectiveness
    10.4.3 Opportunities and risks
    10.5 Implementation considerations across the health system
    10.6 Implementation considerations for key recommendations
    10.7 Implementing recommendations in different contexts
    10.7.1 Overview
    10.7.2 Implementing recommendations in different epidemic settings
    10.8 Useful tools for costing and planning