Human capacity-building plan for scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment

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The human capacity-building plan proposes a set of products and services supporting countries in their efforts to plan for, train and sustain the human capacity to achieve 3 by 5. Five critical elements have been identified.

  • Normative guidance. Simplified and appropriate training packages for key competencies for scaling up and maintaining antiretroviral therapy.
  • Human resource planning. National planning for both emergency training and a sustainable approach to human resource development.
  • Capacity for training. Regional and country adaptation of training packages and support for training providers and the training of trainers, supported by an international Capacity-Building Help Deskvi.
  • Certification and quality control. Development of country mechanisms allowing training providers to issue certificates of HIV/AIDS competence.
  • Funding for training implementation. Appropriate funding for implementing training through the optimal use of national and international funding opportunities.

Comprehensive and meaningful support to countries can only be achieved by the joint efforts of many partners contributing their specific strengths. WHO is committed to work towards making critical support mechanisms available to countries on short notice and invites partners to collaborate on this plan.

i For a description of the overall 3 by 5 Initiative, please consult
ii It is anticipated that, by the end of 2004, 50 countries will have established antiretroviral therapy targets in accordance with 3 by 5.
iii For further information, please consult
iv For further information, please consult
v For further information, please consult
vi To access the Capacity-Building Help Desk, please consult