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Caregiver booklet

7 August 2006

The Caregiver booklet is designed to be used by health workers to educate family members and other caregivers and then given to them to use as a reference at home in the home-based care of serious long term illness. Home care is often best for many people with long term illnesses, including those who are close to the end of life. All patients being cared for at home should first be assessed and treated by a trained health worker, who will help caregivers provide high quality home care and ensure that medicines are prescribed and taken correctly. The booklet covers prevention of problems, management of common symptoms, when to seek health care as well as special advice on psychosocial support. Although focused particularly on patients with HIV infection, the booklet can also be used for HIV negative patients with other chronic health problems.

This booklet is still in development, to access the draft version please go to the IMAI sharespace website.

These guidelines have been released for country adaptation and to help with the emergency scale-up of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in resource-limited settings. Interim guidelines are regularly revised based on early implementation experience. Please send comments, suggestions and requests for adaptation assistance to:

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