When to start and what to use in children – recommendations and rationale

Commentary from AIDS supplement: 2013 WHO Consolidated Guidelines on the use of Antiretroviral drugs: Evidence and Implementation

George Siberry and Denis Tindyebwa

Publication details

Editors: AIDS 2014, 28 (Suppl 2)
Number of pages: 3
Publication date: June 2014



The 2013 WHO consolidated guidelines recommend treating all HIV-infected children under the age of 5 years regardless of CD4þ T-cell count or WHO clinical stage, and treating children aged 5 years and older according to the same criteria as for adults: WHO clinical stage 3 or 4 or CD4þ T-cell count of 500 cells/ml or less.

Guideline recommendations for what drugs to use for initial antiretroviral therapy (ART) vary by age group: less than 3 years, 3–10 years and above 10 years.

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