Male circumcision information package

15 December 2007

MC info pack thb

A series of leaflets that summarise information in key areas of male circumcision in relation to HIV prevention:

Insert 1:

Provides a brief introduction on the collaborative work to develop the package by the UN Inter Agency Task Team (IATT) consisting of UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank.

Insert 2:

Gives an overview of the global prevalence or male circumcision and outlines the key determinants in different regions and countries.

Insert 3:

Highlights the main health benefits (other than HIV) of male circumcision and some of the associated risks.

Insert 4:

Summarises all the evidence on MC for HIV prevention including the 3 RCTs, observational and epidemiological studies. The biological rationale for MC providing a protective effect against HIV is explained.

Insert 5:

Examines the implications of male circumcision for women.