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WHO Three I's Meeting: Intensified case finding (ICF), Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) and Tuberculosis Infection Control (IC) for people living with HIV

Report of a joint WHO HIV/AIDS and TB Department meeting

2 - 4 April 2008, Geneva, Switzerland

As resource-limited countries rapidly expand their HIV/AIDS treatment and care programmes, HIV/TB is now a major public health threat for people living with HIV and the community. Among people living with HIV, TB is the most frequent life-threatening opportunistic disease, even in those receiving antiretrovirals, and it has been shown to be a leading cause of death. Globally, there were 700,000 TB cases among people living with HIV in 2006. An estimated 230,000 people living with HIV will die as a result of TB in 2008 – around 630 people every day – despite the fact that TB is curable.

Prevention and treatment of TB in people living with HIV is an urgent priority for both HIV/AIDS and TB programmes. The Three I's, Isoniazid preventive treatment (IPT), intensified case finding (ICF) for active TB, and TB Infection Control (IC), are key public health strategies to decrease the impact of TB on people living with HIV.

  • TB preventive therapy with INH is safe and effective in people living with HIV, reducing the risk of TB by 33-62%.
  • Screening and diagnosing TB in people living with HIV can be challenging but TB is curable in people living with HIV.
  • TB infection control is essential to keep vulnerable patients, health care workers and their community safe from getting TB.

On 2 - 4 April, 2008 the WHO HTM/HIV & HTM/TB Departments, in collaboration with other key partners, convened a meeting of international stakeholders to develop recommendations for WHO and guidance for national programmes and their partners for implementation of the Three I's for people living with HIV. The meeting was an important step on the path towards improved services for people living with HIV and there was clear consensus on several key conclusions and concrete actions.

Download the meeting report. [pdf 380kb]

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