Third global consultation meeting on HIV surveillance

Meeting | 11-14 May 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

Goal and objectives

The goal of this consultation was to map out a consolidated global agenda for collecting high quality, relevant HIV surveillance data to prove and improve global and national responses to the HIV epidemic. The objectives are:

  • Surveillance needs and innovations - Discuss and identify the surveillance data needed to monitor achievement of the long term goals (e.g., 90/90/90; AIDS-free generation, consolidated Strategic Information indicators, mortality reduction, incidence reduction, stigma and discrimination reduction) based on country priorities. This includes, most critically, measuring the health services cascade and uptake of prevention services.
  • Priority gaps to generate and use quality data - To identify priority gaps in current surveillance systems that affect the ability of national programs to achieve HIV epidemic control and discuss methodologies, investments and strategies to improve surveillance systems.
  • Consolidate a surveillance agenda for the next 5 years - To develop a consolidated global surveillance agenda to guide global and national programs as they implement sustainable surveillance systems to measure progress towards long term HIV control goals.