Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV generic training package


6 July 2008

ISBN: 92 4 159278 8

This generic PMTCT training package is designed to provide a template for the development of a national training plan and an appropriate national PMTCT curriculum, based on a rapid adaptation process. For countries that already have begun PMTCT training and have draft materials, this generic training package can be used to update and strengthen the national curriculum and training plan. This training package is an evidence-based course on PMTCT and is targeted to resource-constrained settings.

The package content, provided in modular format, presents the basic components of PMTCT programming. This training course is targeted to staff working in (or intending to work in) PMTCT programmes or healthcare settings that provide PMTCT services such as doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, outreach workers, counsellors, and programme managers and consists of the following components:

  • The Training Programme and Course Director Guide is divided into two sections: Training Programme Guide, targeted to those with overall responsibility for developing the PMTCT National Training Plan, adapting the generic PMTCT curriculum, and developing the plan to evaluate training efforts; and Course Director Guide, a resource document targeted to the individual or team responsible for organising and conducting the PMTCT training courses.
  • The Trainer Manual outlines the entire curriculum, describes the trainer role in course planning and offers the trainer directions to conduct each session.
  • The Participant Manual is the main reference document for course participants. It includes an Introduction, nine content modules, each with a summary, clearly stated objectives, technical information, and exercises. It also contains a Glossary and a Resources Guide. A separate Presentation Booklet includes slides/overheads that summarise the main content areas of each module.
  • The Pocket Guide provides clear, concise information to support the delivery of services and is a handy reference for healthcare workers.
  • The Wall Charts can be posted in the health centre or facility and are a reference on key PMTCT content areas.