Database of national HIV and TB guidelines, 2005-2011

WHO HIV and TB guidelines and policies are developed for a global audience. It is expected that regions and countries adapt the recommendations according to their respective HIV and TB epidemics, the strengths and weaknesses of their health systems, the availability of financial, human and other essential resources.

In adapting the guidelines, countries should exercise care to avoid undermining existing programmes, to protect access for the most at-risk populations and to achieve the greatest impact for the greatest number of people and ensure sustainability. WHO has also developed an adaptation guide to assist the countries in adapting WHO HIV policies and guidelines to their own contexts.

Download the national guidelines

1. Antiretroviral treatment, opportunistic infections and HIV testing and counselling guidelines

2. TB/HIV guidelines (The Three I’s for TB/HIV)

3. TB guidelines

About the online database

This online database includes national HIV/AIDS and TB guidelines for testing and counseling and paediatric and adult treatments for HIV and TB. We made a concerted effort to collect the most recent national guidelines. But we also acknowledge that many guidelines are currently under revision and therefore request viewers contact us by writing to e-mail: for additional or more recent guidelines to keep the database up-to-date.