Database of national HIV and TB guidelines, 2005-2011

WHO HIV and TB guidelines and policies are developed for a global audience. It is expected that regions and countries adapt the recommendations according to their respective HIV and TB epidemics, the strengths and weaknesses of their health systems, the availability of financial, human and other essential resources. In adapting the guidelines, countries should exercise care to avoid undermining existing programmes, to protect access for the most at-risk populations and to achieve the greatest impact for the greatest number of people and ensure sustainability. WHO has also developed an adaptation guide to assist the countries in adapting WHO HIV policies and guidelines to their own contexts.

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1. Antiretroviral treatment, opportunistic infections and HIV testing and counselling guidelines

  • Afghanistan
    National HIV testing and counseling guideline 2008
  • Argentina
    Manejo de los pacientes adultos con infección por VIH 2010
  • Bhutan
    Guideline for management of HIV/AIDS in adults 2008
  • Bolivia
    Guía de tratamiento antiretroviral en adultos 2009
  • Botswana
    Botswana national HIV/AIDS treatment guidelines 2008
  • Brazil
    Recomendações para terapia antiretroviral em adultos infectados pelo HIV 2008
  • Burundi
    Schemas de traitement par les ARV au Burundi 2010
  • Cambodia
    National guidelines for the use of ART in adults and adolescents 2007
  • Caribbean
    Caribbean guidelines for the care and treatment of persons with HIV infection 2005
  • Central African Republic
    Guide du depistage et conseil du VIH a l'initiative du prestataire 2010
  • Chile
    Sindrome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirida VIH/SIDA 2010
  • China
    Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS in China 2005
  • Columbia
    Guia para el manejo de VIH/SIDA 2005
  • Comoros
    Guide de prise en charge de l'infection à VIH aux Comores 2007
  • Cuba
    Pautas para la atencion integral al paciente con infeccion por VIH/SIDA en Cuba 2009
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
    Guide national de traitement de l'infection à VIH par les antirétroviraux 2005
  • Dominican Republic
    Protocolos nacionales de atencion clinica y esquemas terapeuticos del programa nacional de atencion integral de VIH/SIDA 2004
  • Ecuador
    Guia de atencion integral en VIH/SIDA 2010
  • Ethiopia
    Guidelines for management of opportunistic infections and ARV treatment in adolescents and adults 2008
  • Ghana
    Guidelines for ARV therapy 2008
  • Guinea
    Normes et protocoles de prise en charge de l’infection par le VIH chez l’adulte et l’enfant 2011
  • Guyana
    National guidelines for management of HIV-infected and HIV-exposed adults and children 2006
  • Haiti
    Manuel de normes de prise en charge clinique et thérapeutique des adultes et adolescents vivant aven le VIH 2008
  • India
    Guidelines on HIV testing 2007
  • Kenya
    Guidelines for ARV drug therapy 2005
  • Lesotho
    National ART guidelines 2007
  • Liberia
    Integrated guidelines for prevention, testing, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS 2007
  • Malawi
    Clinical management of HIV in children and adults 2011
  • Malaysia
    Guidelines for the management of HIV infection 2004
  • Mexico
    Guía de manejo antiretroviral de las personas con VIH 2011
  • Mozambique
    Guía de tratamento antiretroviral e infecções oportunistas no adulto, adolescente e gravida 2010
  • Myanmar
    Guidelines for the clinical management of HIV infection in adults and adolescents 2007
  • Namibia
    National guidelines for ART 2010
  • Nepal
    National ART therapy guidelines 2009
  • New Zealand
    HIV/AIDS management guidelines 2009
  • Nicaragua
    Guía de terapia antiretroviral en adultos con VIH 2009
  • Nigeria
    National guidelines for HIV and AIDS treatment and care in adults and adolescents 2010
  • Pakistan
    Guidelines for the use of ARV therapy in HIV positive adults and adolescents 2005
  • Panama
    Normas para el manejo terapéutico de las personas con VIH 2007
  • Papua New Guinea
    Guidelines for HIV care and treatment 2009
  • Paraguay
    Normas nacionales de tratamiento antirretroviral en adultos y adolescentes 2009
  • Peru
    Norma tecnica para el tratamiento antiretroviral de gran actividad – targa en adultos infectados por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana 2005
  • Philippines
    Guidelines for ART among adults and adolescents with HIV infection 2009
  • Rwanda
    Guide de prise en charge des personnes infectées par le VIH 2007
  • Sierra Leone
    National ART treatment guidelines 2006
  • South Africa
    Clinical guidelines for the management of HIV and AIDS in adults and adoloscents 2010
  • Sri Lanka
    Guidelines for the management of HIV infection in pregnancy 2008
  • Sudan
    HIV testing and counselling guidelines
  • Swaziland
    National comprehensive HIV package of care for adults and adoloscents 2010
  • Tanzania
    National guidelines for the management of HIV and AIDS 2009
  • Thailand
    National guidelines for ART therapy in HIV infected adults and adolescents 2010
  • Uganda
    National policy guidelines for HIV counselling and testing 2005
  • Uruguay
    Guías para diagnóstico, tratamiento antiretroviral y monitorización adultos y embarazadas 2006
  • Venezuela
    Guia para el manejo del tratamiento antirretroviral de las personas que vivien con el VIH/SIDA 2010
  • Vietnam
    Guidelines for HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment 2009
  • Zambia
    Adult and adolescent ART therapy protocols 2010

2. TB/HIV guidelines (The Three I’s for TB/HIV)

  • Afghanistan
    TB and HIV policy, strategy, and practical guidelines 2007
  • Ethiopia
    Implementation guideline for TB/HIV collaborative activities in Ethiopia 2007
  • Ghana
    Guidelines for the clinical management of TB and HIV co-infection in Ghana 2007
  • Malawi
    Guidelines for infection prevention and control for TB including MDR-TB and XDR-TB 2008
  • Mozambique
    Política e plano nacional de controlo da infecção para a tuberculose em unidades sanitárias e ambientes conglomerados 2010
  • Namibia
    TB infection control guidelines 2010
  • Nigeria
    Guidelines for clinical management of TB and HIV/AIDS related conditions in Nigeria 2008
  • Nigeria
    The national guidelines for TB infection control 2008
  • Philippines
    Policies and guidelines in the colloborative approach of TB and HIV prevention and control 2008
  • South Africa
    Guidelines for TB preventive therapy among HIV infected individuals 2010
  • South Africa
    The draft national infection prevention and control policy for TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TB 2007
  • Uganda
    National guidelines for TB infection control in health care facilities, congregate settings and households 2011
  • Uganda
    National policy guidelines for TB/HIV collaborative activities in Uganda 2006
  • Zimbabwe
    National guidelines for TB/HIV co-management 2010

3. TB guidelines

  • Botswana
    National TB programme manual 2007
  • Ethiopia
    TB, leprosy and TB/HIV prevention and control programme 2008
  • Kenya
    Guidelines on management of leprosy and TB 2009
  • Lesotho
    National TB programme: policy and manual 2008
  • Malawi
    National TB programme 2007
  • Mozambique
    Manual clínico de tuberculose 2008
  • Mozambique
    Manual de diagnóstico e tratamento de tuberculose resistente e multi-droga resistente 2009
  • Namibia
    National guidelines for the management of TB 2011
  • Nigeria
    National TB leprosy control programme 2010
  • South Africa
    National TB management guidelines 2008
  • Tanzania
    Manual of the national TB and leprosy programme 2006
  • Uganda
    The national TB and leprosy programme 2010
  • Zambia
    The national TB and leprosy programme 2008
  • Zambia
    Guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant TB
  • Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe national TB control programme 2010

About the online database

This online database includes national HIV/AIDS and TB guidelines for testing and counseling and paediatric and adult treatments for HIV and TB. We made a concerted effort to collect the most recent national guidelines. But we also acknowledge that many guidelines are currently under revision and therefore request viewers contact us by writing to e-mail: for additional or more recent guidelines to keep the database up-to-date.