HIV and Hepatitis Update - March 2017

HIV NEWS: Highlighting HIV in eastern Europe and central Asia

A symposium covering the scientific and practical aspects of HIV/AIDS was held in Moscow, the Russian Federation, on 21 February 2017. WHO's HIV Director, Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, informed the audience about the overall global, regional and country trends in HIV, including progress towards achieving the 90-90-90 goals by 2020.

WHO's HIV Director, Dr Gottfried Hirnschall spoke at the symposium covering the scientific and practical aspects of HIV/AIDS in Russia.
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He announced that worldwide progress towards these goals was 60-46-38 in 2015. That is, 60% of people with HIV had been diagnosed; 46% of diagnosed people were on treatment; and 38% of people on treatment had achieved viral suppression. "In the Russian Federation, the numbers were 61-18-15. Greater efforts to provide treatment are urgently needed," said Dr Hirnschall.

Dr Hirnschall also stressed key actions to be implemented: “treat all” as soon as possible; use optimal medicines; further reduce costs of antiretroviral medicines; decentralize care and integrate services for quicker access; and consider offering pre-exposure prophylaxis as an additional prevention option for people at high risk.

The meeting was attended by experts from the AIDS centres of the eastern European and central Asian countries, as well as specialists from Rospotrebnadzor, scientific research institutes, AIDS-related nongovernmental organizations, organizations within the UN system, and other interested parties. The event was organized within the framework of the 6th Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference, which will take place in Moscow on 18–20 April 2018.