IATT paediatric ARV formulary and limited-use list: 2016 update

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Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) for prevention and treatment of HIV infection in pregnant women, mother and children

IATT paediatric ARV formulary and limited-use list: 2016 update

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Number of pages: 9
Publication date: August 2016
Languages: English



The first IATT optimal paediatric ARV formulary was created in 2011 by the child Survival Working Group (cWSG) and the Supply chain Management Working Group (ScMWG) of the interagency Task Team (IATT) on the prevention and Treatment of HiV infection in pregnant Women, Mothers and children2. Since then, the group has convened in conjunction with the Antiretroviral procurement Working Group (ApWG) every 6 months and following any updates from the WHO consolidated ARV guidelines, to update the existing optimal paediatric ARV formulary. The review process is designed to ensure the optimal formulary remains current in order to provide the right set of formulations to cover WHO recommended paediatric ARV regimens.

This list continues to serve as guidance for national programmes, procurement agencies, funders, and manufacturers to select products that closely align to the criteria describing optimal paediatric dosage forms.

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